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Fatimanian’s topnotcher ethos shines in March 2024 MT licensure exam
Fatimanian’s topnotcher ethos shines in March 2024 MT licensure exam

By: Raymond Lumagsao


By: Raymond Lumagsao


Proving anew its strong leadership in health sciences, Our Lady of Fatima University (OLFU) delivered a remarkable performance in the March 2024 Medical Technologists Licensure Examinations (MTLE), hailing Valenzuela Campus as the Top 5 in national rankings and welcoming another Fatimanian topnotcher from the Pampanga Campus.

OLFU Valenzuela Campus’ consecutive feat in MTLE

OLFU Valenzuela emerged as a Top 5 Performing School in the country in the recent MTLE with an impressive 98.44 percent overall passing rate.

The campus’ 124 first-time takers also cleared the rigorous examination with a solid 100 percent passing rate.

It is worth noting that in August 2023, the same campus landed in the Top 4 and rocked the list of the top-performing schools for the same national assessment.

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A young rising scientist from OLFU Pampanga

Hailing from OLFU Pampanga, Anika Charis Barraba achieved a notable feat by snagging the 9th spot among the Topnotchers in the MTLE national rankings with a phenomenal 91.80 percent rating.

Barraba’s campus also delivered a sound 87.06 percent rating for its first-time takers, a record ahead of the 85.84 percent national rating for the said group.

OLFU Laguna extends the ethos of topnotchers

On the other hand, the OLFU Laguna likewise made history by achieving a 100 percent passing rate for its maiden batch of MTLE takers since its establishment in 2019.

Simply put, this remarkable accomplishment underscores the commitment of OLFU’s youngest campus in nurturing competent medical professionals from the get-go!

OLFU campuses outperform the national passing rate

For OLFU Quezon City, a very impressive 90.32 percent overall passing rate was delivered. This is on top of the exceptional 98.18 percent achieved by the campus’ first-time takers in the said state assessment.

Emerging as a force to reckon with is OLFU Antipolo, which logged an outstanding 87.50 percent overall passing rate and an astounding 97.67 percent passing rate for first-time takers, highlighting the campus’ commitment to producing more medical professionals within their academic confines.

The recent MTLE was also memorable for OLFU Nueva Ecija, raking in a 94.12 percent passing rate for its first-time takers.

Collectively, six OLFU campuses achieved an 88.95 percent overall passing rate, surpassing the national average of 80.60 percent.

Additionally, 95.68 percent of OLFU’s first-time takers successfully obtained their licenses, outperforming the national average of 85.84 percent for this group.

Finally, the University celebrates the success of its 346 newly licensed medical technologists, reinforcing its commitment to shaping the future of healthcare.

As OLFU continues to raise the bar in medical education, it remains a beacon of excellence, producing competent professionals who contribute significantly to the healthcare industry. – Raymond Lumagsao