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Being an integral part of the Our Lady of Fatima University’s educational program, the Center for Guidance Services (CGS) plays a significant role in molding the youth of today— some of whom could be beset with confusion, conflicts, problems or maladjustment.

CGS is dedicated to the continuous search for appropriate and effective interventions in understanding and helping students with issues that plague them; issues that could very well hinder them from learning and growing as individuals.



The Center for Guidance Services envisions itself to be the central service component of the institution focused on the continuous improvement of the students’ holistic formation.



We commit ourselves to help students become more well-adjusted, competent and endowed with compassionate values that will help them develop more satisfying relationship within the family, school, community and the society.

We advocate for academic success of all students by being more responsible in helping them improve holistically through the effective implementation of the various guidance services.



  1. Implement responsive, relevant and effective guidance programs & activities.
  2. Initiate useful, timely and relevant researches focused on guidance services.
  3. Develop more committed means of soliciting clients’ feedbacks.
  4. Assist students in coping with their emotional and social difficulties through continuous strengthening of the counseling program which is considered to be the central service of the department.
  5. Create a system of evaluating the counselors’ competencies through constant monitoring of their post-graduate studies and through regular evaluation procedures.


Guidance Services

Guidance, as a service, is an integral part of any academic institution. It is a cluster of integrated, correlated and coordinated guidance activities that is used to assist individuals in dealing with problems to a degree that they become self-directive in making and carrying out essential choices, plans and adjustments in life.