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Indicator 1 Investment in the Community


The Our Lady of Fatima University (OLFU) understands its essential role and mission as an institution of higher learning that provides education, research, and extension services to the community. The University engages in social services and programs as part of its social responsibility which includes volunteering, fundraising, and organizing events to support various causes such as community development (14.24%), healthcare protection (40.54%), health training support among its healthcare professionals (17.53%), accessible quality education (27.67%), among others. In the past year, the University invested a total of PHP 128,413,628.20 (USD 2,291,259.97) to realize its sincere intentions and commitment to the community as a catalyst of social change. Hence, the University involves itself in different areas of society, including the church’s work of charity, disaster and risk reduction management, environmental protection, and poverty alleviation.

The University is always at the forefront of its mission to contribute to nation-building that will lead to positive change and outcomes for its students, employees, the church, and the community at large.


    Indicator 2 Service and Volunteerism


    The Our Lady of Fatima University plays a significant role in contributing to society through holistic community service and volunteerism. Whether through community engagement programs, service-learning, outreach initiatives, or research, the University centers on building healthy social relationships and promoting the well-being of the community. Sustainable development programs are implemented in the areas of health, education, livelihood, psycho-spiritual, safety and security, were undertaken in various activities with the support of the Social Orientation and Community Involvement (SOCI) office.

    In realizing these efforts, the OLFU Community achieved a total number of 2,609, 164.50 volunteer hours. The majority of the volunteer hours were devoted to general volunteering (47.18%) like helping the community raise resources for their community extension projects and outreach programs. Volunteer efforts were also geared towards improving health and wellness (21.27%), church-based services and projects, sports, and culture (20.14%), and education (11.41%.).

    The OLFU Community demonstrates its commitment to social responsibility and promotes civic engagement among its students, faculty members, and staff. Through various forms of volunteer service, the University works alongside with the community organizations and residents to address social issues in improving the quality of life of the community. Certainly, the OLFU’s Stakeholders markedly show their unparalleled dedication and commitment in responding to the community needs, making the University one of the prime movers in nation-building.

      Indicator 3 Regional Human Capital Development


      The Our Lady of Fatima University has its full hands on deck in its vision and mission of improving man as man. OLFU understands that substantial human capital is a key driver of economic growth and can help businesses gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Currently, the University is a second home to 88.83% of its students hailing from the National Capital Region and 11.17% students from other regions of the Philippines and abroad. By providing quality education, the University produces quality graduates who are able to efficiently contribute to businesses and organizations.

      The harmonious dynamics and beneficial reciprocity between the government, universities, and businesses will result in good economic standing which is a necessary ingredient for human societies to thrive and prosper. Students who would like to pursue higher education do not need to go far to study. Thus, offering affordable quality education that answers the needs of the industry is one of the University’s advocacy and commitment to society. This is a key factor in providing high-quality talent and a skilled workforce as OLFU’s contribution and legacy to the region.

        Indicator 4 Environmental Impact


        The Our Lady of Fatima University (OLFU) promotes environmental sustainability through ecological practices and education. The university strives to achieve a positive impact on the environment by including sustainable principles in its policies, facilities, and activities. OLFU took this initiative by using inverter air-conditioning units in the classrooms and offices, LED lights are used in the classrooms, and drinking fountains available on the campus. Also, solar panels are installed in several buildings in the university as an alternative source of energy.

        The OLFU community understands the importance of preserving natural resources, mitigating climate change, and protecting the ecosystem. It is consistent in this effort by going beyond the classroom walls and involving the community at large in practicing energy and water conservation. This is the reason why the University partnered with local organizations, businesses, and government agencies to promote sustainable practices. OLFU collaborated with the Asia Society for Social Improvement and Sustainable Development (ASSIST) to adhere to and comply with environmental protocols and standards. As such, this fosters community engagement, enriches educational experiences, and creates a network of support for sustainable activities. By embracing these initiatives, OLFU continues to demonstrate its commitment to environmental stewardship and responsible citizenship.