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Sports Facilities

Cafeteria and Food Kiosks

Socialization Areas

With its buildings being non-contiguous and spread across the length of MacArthur Highway, the Valenzuela Campus offers a variety of spaces for students to come together for day-to-day bonding, small group gatherings, or bigger org events.

International Students Office

OLFU’s foreign nationals have the International Students Office (ISO) as their go-to for advice and assistance for such matters like travel documentation, study visas, housing, funding, health and wellness, university tours, and more.

In connection, the University’s Center for Guidance Services (CGS) also conducts programs that help sustain the wellbeing of International Students. Each year, new entrants from various geographies join a series of orientations where they get their first peek into Filipino culture, the University’s code of conduct, and expected deliverables, among other matters. Further, CGS offers counseling be it in-person or online via chat, email, SMS, or call, and runs mental health webinars in cognizance that its international students need reinforced support being that their families are not within physical reach.

Religious Facilities

It was the loving devotion of the University’s founders to Our Lady of Fatima that gave the University its name. Hence, prayer stations bearing the image of Her Lady are present in most buildings. The Valenzuela Campus also features two chapels— permanent fixtures where students and faculty come together regularly to hear mass or to simply pray in solitude.

Student Accommodation 

The University owns and manages two dormitories within the Valenzuela Campus. One residential dormitory with 27 rooms is found on the corner of Legion of Mary and CYO Streets, while the other facility with 10 rooms is located along T. Serrano Avenue. Both are within walking distance or a short trike ride to Valenzuela’s academic facilities, depending which building/s classes are in.

Aside from these, OLFU has a host of accredited, external service providers of residential housing who have undergone close inspection and vetting where it comes to standards around facility, utilities, logistics, location, security, safety, and hygiene.

Dormitory accommodations in OLFU are mainly patronized by international students and the small population segment of local students whose hometowns are in farther regions of the country.

Learning Resource Centers

Health Support Services On-Campus

There are several clinics at the Valenzuela Campus. With its buildings set apart from each other, students, no matter which facility they are at, will have a clinic within easy reach if a medical need arises.

Over and above the physical medical facilities is the umbrella network of the Health and Wellness Center (HWC) which encompasses all six campuses of OLFU. Each campus has a decentralized HWC team of doctors and nurses who not only manage the clinics but are also on-hand for online consultation through email, SMS, or call.

Adjacent to the Main Building of the Valenzuela Campus is the Fatima University Medical Center (FUMC), a sister institution of OLFU. Having begun as a 25-bed hospital in 1967, FUMC Valenzuela has progressed into the full service, tertiary hospital that it is today.

2017 gave way to the opening of FUMC Antipolo, this time adjacent to OLFU Antipolo Campus.