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Department of Co-curricular Affairs

The Department of Co-Curricular Affairs, one of the implementing departments of the Office of Student Affairs, commits itself to stimulate students’ interest in various curriculum related activities in order to build and nurture leadership skills. It also seeks to encourage the formation of student groups to pursue goals along social, cultural, religious, literary, educational, or recreational lines.


Classification of Student’s Organization

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  • College-Based Organization

    Membership is open only for all students depending on the college or course they are enrolled in.

  • Academic-Based & Interest-Based Organization

    Membership is open for all students regardless of what college or course they are enrolled in.


The Department of Co-Curricular Affairs envisions to increase student involvement in the different co-curricular activities of the university.



To serve the students’ needs through their respective recognized student organizations, promote camaraderie among the different student organizations, and supervise students’ activities.



  1. Maintain and enhance its existing programs.
  2. Make visible the relevance of each program and its benefits to students.
  3. Promote the spiritual, civic, social and cultural responsiveness in each program.
  4. Provide creative and worthwhile program of activities such as seminars/formative lectures.
  5. Ensure that there is coordination among advisers, leaders and members in all aspects of endeavors relative to the pursuit of the goals of their respective organizations.
  6. Encourage the students to formulate and implement programs not only for the organization but for the community as well.
  7. Encourage students’ exposure or involvement in inter-school organizations and activities.
  8. Promote interaction and cooperation among the various student organizations.


  1. Leadership training and other capability building activities for officers and members of student organizations;
  2. Consultancy services to student organizations for their organizational development;
  3. Information service about organizing student organizations;
  4. Recognition and accreditation of student organization; and
  5. Evaluation and awarding of outstanding student organizations.