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Education, Learning, Innovation, and Technology Enhancement (ELITE) Center

Championing Tech-Powered Learning 


From its inception in 2019, ELITE or the Education Learning, Innovation, and Technology Enhancement Center has served as a University pillar, dedicated in offering instructional technology support services for faculty and students.

With the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs overseeing ELITE’s operations and management, the center introduces innovative approaches to teaching and learning using the powerful integration of digital technologies within a flexible learning environment. It is the primary administrator of the University’s learning management system (LMS), optimizing its utilization to ensure that students have the best online- and blended-learning experience.

Furthermore, ELITE supports all colleges and departments across all of OLFU’s campuses in helping teachers enhance their pedagogical approaches, thereby fostering a more impactful and enjoyable academic journey for students. Assisting academicians in the development of their courses, materials, and content that would reside in the LMS, as well as providing the technology and applications required in the classrooms, the ELITE Center also helps other university conduits in creating online solutions for such aspects like faculty evaluation, learning resource integration, university-wide communications, program onboarding, new hire orientation, among others.

The ELITE Center is headquartered at OLFU’s Quezon City Campus and maintains satellite support offices in each of the other campuses (Valenzuela, Antipolo, Pampanga, Nueva Ecija, and Laguna). With onsite and online customer support, students and faculty can conveniently leverage these for any concerns in using the LMS. Moreover, each campus has a designated LMS Coordinator who manages all campus-based LMS matters. In addition, ELITE maintains an online support facility on Facebook where students can field out inquiries and concerns.


We envision ourselves to become a bridge that efficiently connects and integrates the current trends and innovations in educational technology of the teaching and learning process of the university.


The ELITE Center commits itself in making a technology-integrated learning environment by introducing effective ways of enhancing the tools of delivering quality education by giving technical support and training development to the university’s stakeholders.



  • Promotes equity of access to technology-enabled learning experiences in any device and platform available to our students.
  • Trains faculty members across various teaching and learning approaches, from face-to-face to virtual learning environments, so as to engage students more effectively in the new modalities of education.
  • Assists faculty members in recording, deploying, and uploading their learning materials using different e-learning tools for a more productive learning experience for students.
  • Offers technical support and assistance to students and faculty with regards to the University’s learning management system.
  • Helps increase the availability of knowledge resources and revolutionizes teaching-learning opportunities among faculty members and students in the digital world.
  • Updates the University community with new trends in educational technology.
    ELITE Center Organizational Chart

    Contact the ELITE Center through the following email addresses: 

    Valenzuela  canvas_support_val@fatima.edu.ph
    Quezon City canvas_support_qc@fatima.edu.ph
    Antipolo canvas_support_ant@fatima.edu.ph
    Pampanga canvas_support_pam@fatima.edu.ph
    Nueva Ecija canvas_support_cab@fatima.edu.ph
    Laguna canvas_support_lag@fatima.edu.ph
    All Campuses elite_center@fatima.edu.ph



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