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OLFU Gawad Serviam Program


     OLFU continuously strives to provide not only quality education but also financial assistance to deserving students. Numerous scholarships and sponsorships are available which include the “The Gawad Serviam”, an assistance exclusively given to working students. “Serviam” which means “I will serve” gives working students the opportunity to further serve the society and contribute to nation building after graduation. It is a financial aid given to OLFU students (College-Level) who would like to study while working; thus, allowing them to earn their degrees from the University without delay.


     “The Gawad Serviam” is solely given to working students who are confirmed to be enrolled to a college- level program at OLFU during the semester of effectivity of the financial aid.


1. Below are the benefits of being a “The Gawad Serviam” grantee:

  • Financial grant of Php5,000.00 (may vary upon the discretion of the Administration) that will be carried over to to the grantee’s current semester’s tuition fee.  
  • Recipients need not pay the tuition fees due during the prelim and midterm periods. Instead, they will be given until the end of the semester to settle their tuition fee balance.
  • There will be no return service needed as part of this grant.


2. OLFU reserves the right to qualify each “Serviam” grantee. Submission of requirements does not automatically mean that each applicant is a grantee.


3. Application for this grant starts during the last day of the previous semester and may be submitted up to three days before the start of classes of the new semester.


Policies and Procedures

1. Interested working students may apply for this financial assistance.

2. Application, with all the needed requirements, must be submitted first to the College Dean.

3. The College Dean conducts the initial paper screening and must ensure that the college students are duly enrolled for the semester of effectivity. In some cases, the Dean will also assess the current academic standing and year level of the applicant.

4. The following are the minimum requirements that must be submitted and complied to:

  • Letter of application
  • Essay on why they should be given “ The Gawad Serviam”
  • Proof of employment preferably Certificate of Employment (COE)
  • Sample photos while at work
  • With good academic standing and no failing grades

5. The College Dean conducts an initial interview with the applicant

6. After the gets processed and approved, a proof of financial grant, through a certificate, will be given to “The Gawad Serviam” grantees, by the Campus Administrator.

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