Available Scholarships and Financial Aid for Incoming Students

Honor Students Scholarship


  1. Applicants must be a Senior High School graduate with excellent academic performance. They must be ranked either as Top 1 or Rank 1, Top 2 or Rank 2—then, the scholarship is automatically granted.
  1. Qualified applicants are required to accomplish the Online Application Form for new students/incoming freshmen and submit it on or before the posted deadlines on the OLFU website/ Admissions Office, with the following documents attached:
      • Copy of Official Grade 12 Report Card or Form 138
      • Scanned copy of the certificate of student’s rank, indicating the number of graduates and/or honors received upon graduation
      • Certificate of Good Moral Character
      • Proof of payment of the application fee
  1. All applicants shall be notified about their application status via email or in person.

Academic Grants


  1. Open to all interested incoming first-year college students who would like to try for the QUALIFYING EXAMINATION FOR SCHOLARSHIPS. Applicants shall register at the Admissions Office with the following documents attached:
        • Copy of Official Grade 12 Report Card or Form 138
        • Certificate of Good Moral Character
        • Proof of Payment of Application Fee
  2. Once registered, applicants shall receive an email from the Admissions Office.
  3. Applicants shall take the qualifying examination as scheduled. If the applicant is unable to take the examination for any reason, they should contact the Admissions Office to determine the options for rescheduling.
  4. Results are based on GWA and the qualifying exam results.
  5. Results will be sent via email to all applicants.

Available Scholarships and Financial Aid for Continuing Students

  • Academic Scholarship

OLFU recognizes and honors the remarkable academic achievements of its students through periodic inclusion in the Dean’s List of the respective College/Program. It’s important to note that being on the Dean’s List doesn’t automatically grant scholarships or financial assistance. The awarding of such benefits is contingent upon adherence to the University’s existing policies and procedures.

  • OLFU Tuition Free Promotion

OLFU Tuition Free Promotion allows Qualified Referrers to earn Tuition Free Credits, which can be applied to the outstanding balance of total assessment fees upon validation by OLFU Admissions. To qualify, a referrer must be currently enrolled in OLFU during the redemption period. Note that Tuition Free Credits are non-convertible to cash, non-transferable, and cannot be exchanged for other items.

  • Qualified University Athletes/ Members of OLFU Chorale/Senior Editors of the Fatima Tribune.

Abovementioned students may avail of tuition fee discounts upon the recommendation of the director of the concerned special units.

  • Dentist2 to Dentist3 | MD2 TO MD3 Scholarship

This scholarship is given to a dentistry or medicine student whose one of the parents is a dentist or a medical doctor.