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This student handbook contains the general policies and regulations of the university which all Our Lady of Fatima University students must adhere to. However, each course program has its own policies and regulations (e.g. pertaining to that course especially in terms of policies on comprehensive exam, revalida, board review, internship, practicum and clinical studies, etc). It is the responsibility of the student to know, understand and adhere to both the university and departmental/college program policies.

The university reserves the right to withhold release of documents such as transcript of records, certificate of grades or diploma if a student has any pending financial obligations, unresolved administrative or legal case, internally or externally, with the university or with any of its officials.

The university likewise reserves the right to temporarily withhold the enrolment of any student with pending administrative, disciplinary or legal cases, internally or externally with the university or any of its officials.

Note: All students regardless of year of entry are governed by the latest edition of the university handbook.


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