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Our Lady of Fatima University (OLFU) is known for its strong line-up of faculty and to ensure that every member is provided with opportunities to grow and improve, the University initiates and sponsors several training programs, whether online or in-person. Participation to these initiatives is always strongly encouraged by the OLFU Administration. There are program-based trainings and there are also learning sessions applicable to all, such as intensive tutorials focused on the OLFU Learning Management System (LMS) that help all faculty members provide seamless learning to students, inspiring lecturers to achieve standards of teaching excellence that OLFU is known for.

Prior to the implementation of internal faculty development programs, a Training Needs Assessment (TNA) is conducted as the basis for its development. All faculty members in the six campuses of the University are requested to submit the TNA conducted through Google Forms. A post-evaluation of the training attended is submitted to complete the conduct of the training program.

With the general theme “Higher Education in the New Dimension”, the Faculty Development Program for School Year 2022-2023 aims to advance theory-based practice in flexible learning, technological competency, and safe learning spaces.