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The Basic Education Department (BED) caters to an educational system that is meaningful and anchored on strength, sustainability, progressiveness, and people.

Nurturing young children in a Christian environment, BED stimulates interest, involvement, and action. Classroom learning is supplemented in daily activities that strengthen social and spiritual values.

The University takes pride in its patented i-Ahead Program. It gives BED students an unprecedented exposure to OLFU’s state of the art laboratories. Here, pupils get a carefully guided hands-on experience of medical, scientific and culinary processes and equipment; inspiring them while giving them that valuable edge when deciding on their ultimate career track.

The core beliefs are founded on the institutional objectives that OLFU and BED strive for:

Excellence – in academic performance;

Values – living as witness to the inculcated way of life of the school community, which is basically Christian, humane and Filipino;

Virtues – deepening of Christian God-given gifts of faith, love and dedication, furthering the formation of skills and competencies for family, community and nation-building;

Culture – appreciation of fundamental Filipino values and teachings, inherent way of life and practices, such as courtesy, respect, sincerity and dedication to family, community and country; and

Ethics – practicing rules of conduct/moral principles set by the standard of society and of God.


There are seven Learning Areas under the Core Curriculum. These are Languages, Literature, Communication, Mathematics, Philosophy, Natural Sciences, and Social Sciences. Current content from some General Education subjects are embedded in the Senior High School curriculum.

Students undergo immersion, which may include earn-while-you-learn opportunities, to provide them with relevant exposure and actual experience in their chosen track.

Moreover, a solid and holistic relationship between student, parent and teacher is another centerpiece of the BED framework. The school works hand-in-hand with parents through a fully-functioning and independent Parent-Teacher Council; helping them decide the way forward that is always in the best interest of the students.

After going through Kindergarten, the enhanced Elementary and Junior High curricula, and a specialized Senior High program, every K to 12 graduate will be ready to go into different paths – may it be further education, employment, or entrepreneurship.

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Preschool is an early childhood program of OLFU in which children are taught using a combination of academic learning and play delivered in an educational environment led by professionally trained teachers.

Grade School

Grade School

OLFU’s Grade School provides elementary education (Grades 1 to 6). The program provides the necessary learning tools, skills, approaches, and values needed by students to pursue studies in Junior and Senior High School up until College, and even beyond.

Junior High School

Junior High School

OLFU offers a Junior High School program that develops children through holistic learning strategies and exposure to OLFU’s state-of-the-art facilities—helping them prepare as they draw closer towards stepping into higher education.

Minimum Down Payment

Php 1,500 + Application Fee

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Program available in:

Quezon City

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