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As student population grew, more buildings were constructed, and more programs were launched. In 1996, the University’s second campus was established in Quezon City. These expansion efforts and developments paved the way for the modernization of resource facilities and the opening of additional unit libraries.

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A significant time came in 2003, when a team of qualified librarians spearheaded its development plan of transforming the traditional library into a modern library. In the same year, acquisition of library materials intensified. The initial collection of 25,000 volumes further increased as the department envisioned to support the life-long learning of the students.

In 2008, the Library Integrated System Automation (LISA) was procured to make library transactions fast and efficient. This was the first and current library system used by the Learning Resource Center.

Following the opening of the Antipolo and Pampanga campuses in 2010 and 2012 respectively, the OLFU Library continued to boost efforts in delivering quality services and resources to members of the academe. Libraries for the University’s Basic Education Department also began to operate.

In 2015, the Library’s name was changed to “Learning Resource Center” (LRC) as per directive of the OLFU President. The following year, the Cabanatuan Library was built as the University’s fifth campus, the Nueva Ecija Campus, opened its doors to its first enrollees.

Now, the LRC continues to become a catalyst of change as it has established a good foundation in keeping the records of library holdings, library process and procedures.


We are a premier hub for high quality, multi-format and multi-disciplinary informational resources for learning and research.


The OLFU Learning Resource Center supports the University’s mission to “improve man as man” through the provision of comprehensive informational resources and the utilization of technology in the delivery of LRC services.


Goals and Objectives

The LRC aims to achieve its mission by:

  • Promoting understanding of the research, teaching and learning needs of the academic community through robust assistance to students and faculty within the library premises
  • Providing access to quality resources in all formats to support research, teaching and learning with strong collaboration with Deans, Faculty and students
  • Creating good and conducive environments for study for its library clients
  • Developing, encouraging, and sustaining a committed and high-caliber staff
  • Being at the forefront in the consortia area in offering quality educational resources in various formats to support the learning needs of the local community

Organizational Structure

Guidance, as a service, is an integral part of any academic institution. It is a cluster of integrated, correlated and coordinated guidance activities that is used to assist individuals in dealing with problems to a degree that they become self-directive in making and carrying out essential choices, plans and adjustments in life.

  1. Administration Services
  2. Technical Services
  3. Customer Services

The Library has fifteen (15) unit libraries in five (5) campuses: Valenzuela, Quezon City, Antipolo, Pampanga, and Nueva Ecija.