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OLFU Celebrates Cacho’s Top 3 Rank in Dentristry Exams
OLFU Celebrates Cacho’s Top 3 Rank in Dentristry Exams

By: Vicente Santos


By: Vicente Santos


With the official release of results of the June 2016 Dental Licensure Examination (DLE), the College of Dentistry of the Our Lady of Fatima University (COD-OLFU) has three reasons to celebrate.
First, the school is pleased by the great showing of its 16 test passers.
Second, the University’s first-time examinees registered a 100% Passing Rate.

And, third, COD-OLFU salutes its Charisma M. Cacho for taking the country’s TOP 3 spot in the examination, registering an 83.16% score.
Congratulations to the University’s newly-licensed Dentists! May they serve with humility and integrity in the way that OLFU has always encouraged its students to do.

Board Exam Passers:
Myra Charmane T. Arocena
Diana R. Basilio
Charisma M. Cacho
Elisha Dee G. Circulado
Johnne Wayne C. Cuevas
Maybelle B. Dinaga
Myrill C. Garcia
Fernilyn E. Jacildo
Micah E. Herrera
Patricia Rebelle Joyce T. Lacad
Denise Paula D.C. Magbitang
Heinz Margarette B. Marquez
Joycemae Deane S. Sejalvo
Romeo Mark B. Selga III
Christine Joy G. Silva
Patti T. Zulueta

On Charisma Cacho

“I have always believed that God equips you with everything you need to fulfil His perfect plan for your life,” avers DLE Top 3 Ranker and OLFU’s own, Charisma Cacho.

That Dentistry was not Charisma’s first choice for a career comes as a surprise. In fact, it was her family that prodded her towards the program. Charisma began her first days of college, carefree and slacking-off. But as she reached the Pre-Clinical stage, she met dentistry professors who inspired and challenged her abilities. From then on, she resolved to do her best. “It’s the set of the sail that determines the direction of your boat,” became Charisma’s mantra; the driver in setting goals for her own self, not to simply pass her courses, but to really learn from them.

As Charisma transitioned to Clinical Dentistry, more struggles and trials came her way. Dealing with patients, managing time, seeking clinical instructors’ approvals were but a few of the things she had to be good at. To her, it was quite stressful, but also fun. By then, she had learned to love everything about Dentistry and knew she wanted to succeed not just for herself but also for the people whom she loved.

Looking back at the several years of study, Dentist Cacho now knows that some things in life must take time so as to bear sweeter fruit. Never give up when exhaustion and discouragement set in, she shares. She adds, “Always believe nothing is impossible with a great God, and that every sincere prayer is answered.”

Being a Dentist began as a seemingly unachievable dream for Charisma. Today, she is embracing her place as the nation’s Top 3 finisher in the board exams. That’s because Charisma told herself not to settle for anything less that she could possibly be.