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CBA attends first faculty immersion convocation at CMG Retail
CBA attends first faculty immersion convocation at CMG Retail

By: Raymond Lumagsao


By: Raymond Lumagsao

OLFU College of Business and Accountancy at CMG Retail

The College of Business and Accountancy (CBA) of Our Lady of Fatima University (OLFU) carried out its first-ever Faculty Immersion Convocation on 11 October 2023 at the CMG Centre in Pasig City.

The convocation aimed to bring together distinguished faculty members who successfully completed their immersion in different CLN branches, integrating in actual retail operations experience, including the industry retail professionals who share the goals reflected with the theme “Bridging Knowledge & Practice through Collaboration in the Retail Industry.”

In today’s rapidly evolving retail landscape, it is crucial for academia and industry to work hand in hand to address the challenges and leverage the opportunities presented in this dynamic sector. The theme of this convocation underscores the importance of collaboration and partnership between educational institutions and the retail industry to create impactful change and drive innovation.

The CBA Faculty Immersion Development Program envisions to foster collaboration between academia and industry professionals in the retail sector; share insights and research findings to bridge the gap between theory and practice; discover and develop effective strategies to address real-world challenges faced by the retail industry; facilitate networking opportunities among faculty members and industry leaders, and explore potential research collaborations and partnerships.

CMG Chairman Chan Kok shared his insights particularly on knowing the customers and establishing intimate relationships with them, also emphasizing that in any nation, education determines the country’s future. Kok also appealed to the government to consistently and continuously provide support to Philippine education.

Dr. Ignacio C. Cordova, Jr., the Dean of the College of Business & Accountancy, expressed his words of gratitude for the continued and long-time organizational support and partnership with CMG Retail Inc. He looked back to the time in 2014 when he first thought of the Faculty Immersion Program as a way of bridging knowledge and practice through collaboration, not only for OLFU-CBA to provide interns but for research, scholarships and other collaborative endeavors. The dean also expressed excitement over coming up with a coffee table book highlighting the academe-industry partnerships.

CMG Chief Operating Officer Andrew Chan also expressed his admiration of the OLFU faculty members for their humility to go to the retail stores just to pursue learning and continuous improvement.

Speaking about turning degrees into careers, CMG Senior Vice President for Operations Jocelyn Caracta emphasized the importance of aligned and fitted culture and the networking opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals, build relationships, and explore potential collaborative projects.

Eleven completers were presented with their certificate of completion assisted by Zenaida Camahalan, Assistant Vice President (AVP) for Human Resources; Joanne Angeles, HR Manager; and Danna Superable, HR Supervisor.

The CMG Team was likewise presented with a certificate of appreciation for their continued organizational support and partnership with OLFU-CBA, assisted by Dr. Elna Barrantes, Program Head for OLFU Quezon City Campus and Arsenia Gallardo, Program Head for OLFU Valenzuela Campus, who also delivered the closing message and acknowledgment.

The CBA Faculty extends its thanks to Marianne Lucero, Vice President (VP) for Merchandising and Marketing; Geraldine Famorcan, Area Manager; and Rosemarie Ambagan, Junior Area Manager, CBA Alumna, and the first CLN on-the-job training scholar.

The convocation provided a strong and enriching platform for faculty members to exchange ideas, explore new perspectives, and establish long-lasting collaborations in the pursuit of turning theoretical arsenal into actual professional practices.

Story contributed by Sheilla Marie Apostol