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Triple victory for the College of Physical Therapy
Triple victory for the College of Physical Therapy

By: Rocky


By: Rocky


In the August 2019 Physical Therapist Licensure Examination, Our Lady of Fatima University’s College of Physical Therapy soared by taking three spots amongst the Topnotchers.

The Valenzuela Campus’ Alexis Temblique achieved the Top 1 rank with an 88.00% rating.

“Study smart and hard,” these are what Temblique shared when asked about his success. Seeing himself as an ordinary student, he recognized what his strengths and weaknesses were; and he used these  as motivation to better himself while in school.

“Lagi kong nilalagay sa isip ko na hindi ako matalino kaya dapat mag-aaral ako ng mabuti.  Dapat matiyaga, masipag at may self- discipline.”

(“I always put in mind that I am not smart, so I have to study hard. I have to be persevering, industrious, and have self-discipline.”)

Taking another spot was Valenzuela Campus’ Roselyn M. Maderse who landed the Top 9 spot with an 85.50% rating.

Maderse said that she prayed hard to get to where she is now. It wasn’t an easy course for her as she endured the hardships of working at a young age while studying to help her family with finances. She now happily looks back at everything with positivity. She even jokingly said that the number “9” must really be her lucky number given her nine-year journey in college and, then, getting to the Top 9 spot in the board exams.

“I may have waited nine years to get to where I am now, but He [God] gave me one of the best days in my life. I know this is just the start but I can’t wait to find out more of what He has planned for me. You are amazing, God!” Maderse expressed.

Joining the success of the first two students is Pampanga Campus’ very own Miracle B. Gotiangco who garnered an 85.40% rating placing her in the Top 10th place.

Gotiangco imparted that she was on the verge of giving up. “Physical Therapy is not an easy course. This profession requires a lot of time and perseverance”. The struggle made her doubt her capabilities, but she left it all in the hands of God. She also mentioned that she did not dare read the licensure exam results right away, but people randomly started congratulating her; hence, she discovered that she passed the boards and even snagged the Top 10th place.

One thing that these three students had in common was their strong faith in God. This is what all of them agree on—that the key to their success was the trust they put in God’s plans for each one of them.

Cheers to the total of 74 newly licensed Physical Therapists from OLFU! Rise to the top!