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OLFU’s Nuevo assumes PASMETH presidency, to invest in research, internationalization
OLFU’s Nuevo assumes PASMETH presidency, to invest in research, internationalization

By: Raymond Lumagsao


By: Raymond Lumagsao

PASMETH President OLFU Dean of College of Medical Laboratory Science

The Philippine Association of Schools of Medical Technology and Public Health (PASMETH) has welcomed another era of long-standing influence and contribution to the healthcare sector as it formally hailed a new set of officers now led by Dr. Jose Jurel Nuevo, Dean of the College of Medical Laboratory Science of Our Lady of Fatima University (OLFU), who recently assumed the presidency of PASMETH.

A number of esteemed personalities from various academic institutions in the medical technology field convened on 03 August 2023 at OLFU’s Assembly Hall, RISE Tower and warmly welcomed the turnover ceremony of the latest PASMETH Executive Board.

Current board directors including Gregorio Martin and Oliver Shane Dumaoal from the University of Santo Tomas (UST), Rvin John Servillon from the University of Immaculate Concepcion – Davao, Edison Ramos from the National University – Manila, Marissa Tan from the University of La Salette – Isabela, and Celia Roslin from the FEU – Nicanor Reyes Medical Foundation, graced the ceremony.

Newly-elected PASMETH executive officials were also in attendance at the rite including Public Relations Officer (PRO) Joel Aguilar from the Calayan Education Foundation Inc. – Lucena, Treasurer Grace Bacalzo from the Wesleyan University Philippines – Cabanatuan, Secretary Edilberto Manahan from UST, Vice President Ferdinand Mortel from the Manila Central University (MCU) and President Nuevo from OLFU.

Immediate Past President Bernard Ebuen also appeared in the function along with his fellow outgoing officers.

PASMETH President OLFU Dean of College of Medical Laboratory Science

During the ceremonial procession, Nuevo was joined by Dr. Caroline Marian Enriquez, OLFU President who would later vocalize her unwavering support to the new row of PASMETH leaders.

After receiving a standing ovation from the guests as she stepped up to the podium for a message, a humbled yet honored President Enriquez credited her OLFU team which, for her, propels the forward motion of the institution.

“What we are now will not be possible if not for the team behind me. It is only important that my team is with me,” the University Chief stated as she acknowledged the university deans who were present at the ceremony, flexing them as “the movers of OLFU.”

President Enriquez proceeded on sharing how during the challenging demand of the COVID-19 pandemic, some faculty members had to volunteer for the Red Cross which later became a teaching piece for students on “how do they become better medical technologists in the future.”

“We saw a lot of migration from our faculty who decided to work with [the] Red Cross, a forefront of things. I can’t say no to them because it is a cause, it is a mission that they all serve as medical technologists and part of the support team of the caring industry,” she wisely stated while stressing the importance of responding to “the needs and the current trends that [are] required” by the medical technology industry.

On OLFU’s Nuevo leading the PASMETH, Enriquez simply expressed her confidence to witness the organization thrive towards new heights of excellence from one term to another. “Even if we transition from one presidency to the next, we always build upon the legacy [of] the previous leaderships,” Enriquez averred.

“I wish that in everything that you do, you think about your students, the impact of our actions in the industry and how we could always move things forward,” the President concluded.

Also extending a message on behalf of the Philippine Association of Medical Technologists (PAMET), current President Luella Vertucio emphasized the “formidable force” that was formed after establishing collaborations between PASMETH and PAMET over the years.

“We are thrilled to witness the strengthening bond between the PAMET and PASMETH – two organizations that share [a] common vision of enhancing the healthcare landscape and uplifting the standards of [the] medical technology profession in our country.

“As we embark on this new chapter, we are confident [that] the cohesiveness and collaboration [of two organizations] will bring about remarkable achievement and groundbreaking initiatives that will benefit the entire medical technology community and more importantly, the lives of countless members we serve,” articulated Vertucio as she also acknowledged the support that PAMET gets from PASMETH in areas including expertise, resources, and experience.

Also, the invitees cordially received the statement of the Technical Committee for Medical Technology, Medical Laboratory Science Education (TCMTE) headed by Chairwoman Frieda Hapan who described the occasion as a “visible demonstration of commitment, dedication, passion and love for the organization and for the medical technology profession.”

Meanwhile, the Professional Regulatory Board of Medical Technology has brought on a challenge to the fresh PASMETH leaders while reminding them that “supporting one another and leveraging each individual’s unique strengths” will elevate the association to new heights of success.

“We encourage the new officers to bring forth creativity, pure passion and innovative ideas to achieve these objectives. Your fresh insights will bring new life into the initiatives and inspire everyone to push the boundaries of what you would like to achieve,” said PRC officials Hon. Marilyn Barza and Hon. Leila Lany Florento in a relayed joint statement.

Preceding the accomplishment report of incumbent President Ebuen were also messages of support from the ASEAN Association of Schools of Medical Technology (AASMT) through President Syamsuriansyah Sadakah and PASMETH Commission on Elections (PASMETH-Comelec) through Dr. Teodora Cubelo from the Silliman University – Dumaguete.

Nuevo as new PASMETH President

PASMETH President OLFU Dean of College of Medical Laboratory Science

The turnover rite was finally instituted with the passing of symbols from the incumbent officials to the newly-elected row.

In his inaugural address, PASMETH President Nuevo laid out his game plan in ensuring that the works of his administration are grounded with the basic recognition that the organization holds a critical role “in shaping the medical technology and public health in the Philippines.”

“We are adept to the rapidly evolving landscape of healthcare and technology, equipping our students [with] the knowledge and skill they need in the ever-changing world. Our vision must extend beyond the wall of our institution. We must engage with a broader community and policy-maker to advocate for evidence-based healthcare policy, increase public health awareness and equitable access to equal healthcare for all Filipino[s],” said Nuevo.

This early, the PASMETH chief presented four main objectives that will set the direction of his leadership including the expanding of the scope of capability building program, extending the reach of organizational networks, enhancing and optimizing research, and enriching internationalization.

“We will strive to expand the scope of our capacity-building program by offering more continuing professional development activities. This will include organizing a series of seminar workshops on relevant disciplines with medical technology and public health,” asserted Nuevo as he hopes to bring in valuable insights and skills development among fellow professionals.

The ambitious leader also declared to provide a “more localized approach to meet the specific needs” of their members by “opening regional offices strategically located across the country.”

Dubbed as the “backbone of progress in medical technology and public health,” President Nuevo vowed to capitalize on research “to promote and foster innovative solution” in the key healthcare field, adding that establishing state-of-the-art research laboratories is imperative to engineer this goal.

PASMETH also gears towards comprehensively wider growth as Nuevo eyes “international collaboration and engagement by strengthening ties with international organization and counterparts,” stressing that the move will allow them to position themselves as key players “in the global medical technology and public health landscape.”

Ending his speech, the decisive PASMETH executive commenced his term on an optimistic note. “I am confident that PASMETH will reach new heights, leave an indelible mark on the healthcare landscape of our beloved nation,” concluded the President.

Nuevo is the sixteenth PASMETH President since the establishment of the organization in 1970.