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CHIM and CBA recognize Exemplary Partners and Professionals at Pyxidia Awards 2019
CHIM and CBA recognize Exemplary Partners and Professionals at Pyxidia Awards 2019

By: Vicente Santos


By: Vicente Santos


Last 21 September 2019, the College of Hospitality and Institutional Management (CHIM) and the College of Business and Accountancy (CBA) of Our Lady of Fatima University (OLFU) honored exceptional companies, individuals, alumni, and industry partners at the first Pyxidia Awards, held at the Manila Marriott Hotel in Pasay City.

Olfu Pyxidia Awards 2019 (5)

The Pyxidia Awards ceremony is a product of the Supervised Work Experience Program (SWEP) which has been continuously enhanced and developed based on the Academe Industry Linkages Pathways (AILP) adapted in both colleges. It aims to highlight deserving professionals and enterprises in their respective fields, thus aiding in their growth as players in the corporate world.

Officially opening the program was the warm welcome of University President, Dr. Caroline Marian S. Enriquez. She thanked everyone for gracing the event and acknowledged the awardees. Dr. Enriquez expressed her appreciation for the esteemed partners, leaders, mentors and AILP Board Members who “have tremendously shaped and enhanced the career pathways and professional life of our students.”

She likewise extended her gratitude to the alumni present. “Because of you, because of who you are and how you’ve led the professional life and because of your work ethics, you have made Fatima the top of mind for potential employers; and also, for always living up to our core values as an ‘Achiever’,” Dr. Enriquez said. Lastly, she congratulated the organizers, led by the Dean of CHIM and CBA, Dr. Ignacio Cordova, Jr.

Dr. Cordova then gave his Keynote Address, where he elaborated the goal of the gathering. “The Pyxidia Awards 2019 is an event for us to celebrate and recognize people that who became instrumental in our pursuit for organizational excellence,” he explained. Gratefully, he said that he looks forward to maintaining strong relations. “May you continue to support us and declare the beauty of our synergistic partnership in higher education,” he ended.

Onto the stellar main event, the awards and recipients were as follows:


Stalwart Award

Members of the AILP Advisory Board who have exhibited consistency, loyalty, and reliability in supporting the SWEP advocacy

  • Andre J.A.D. Alip – Vice President-Corporate Human Resources, Manila Ocean Park & Hotel H2O
  • Dr. Corazon F. Gatchalian – Philippine Representative, American Hospitality Academy World Campus
  • Noemi Cancio – School Director, Mariana Academy of Maritime Studies, Inc.
  • Myrna Magbitang – Former Social Development Specialist, Asian Development Bank
  • Henry S. Tenedero, CPM, MDM – President, Education for All Development Center
  • Ingrid L. Ursua – President, eVERSITY Online Campus

Q.A. Mentorship Award

Loyal and committed mentors who have given their utmost support to the University

  • Dr. Esther B. Vedaña – Vice Chairman, Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities Commission on Accreditation
  • Dr. Gloria Baken Wong-Siy – Founding President, AAHRMEI

Special Award for SWEP Development

  • Jomar T. Parel – Admissions Officer, Our Lady of Fatima University

Special Award for AILP Development

  • Annabelle Ochoa-Moreno – Vice Chairman, Association of Human Resource Managers in the Hospitality Industry
  • Jesse Francis N. Rebustillo – Former President, People Management Association of the Philippines

Outstanding Alumni

  • Edezai Peñafiel Repolona
  • Judy Ann Santos-Empeno
  • Ralph Jason Sarmiento
  • Keisha D. Morales
  • Kei T. Ronquillo
  • Paola Nikka C. Beltran
  • Rosemarie S. Ambagan
  • Charlyn A. Tolentino
  • Jennelyn T. Berguera
  • Marikit E. Mendoza
  • James Paolo T. Cortez
  • Isabelle Linsangan
  • Divine Grace Villela
  • Bepz Joseph Torres

Plaque of Recognition

  • Dr. Caroline Marian S. Enriquez


Humanity Award

Industry partners who have greatly contributed to community development

  • Unilab

Green Leaf Award

University affiliates operating by goals, advocacies, and corporate practices towards environmental protection and sustainability

  • Cocoon Boutique Hotel
  • G Stuff Incorporated

Munificent Award

Industry partners who have been actively involved in University events and activities

  • CMG Retail, Inc. (CLN)
  • Art in Island

Odyssey Award

Partner establishments who have accepted the greatest number of trainees in the past two years

  • Hotel H2O
  • Marison’s Home Cuisine

Gold Award for Technology Education

Establishments that have exhibited great consistency in technological education advancement

  • FastTrack


Outstanding international industry partners that have deployed OLFU practicum students to the United States of America for the last two years

  • PLATINUM – Zip Travel
  • SILVER – UTP Beyond Borders
  • GOLD – First Place, Inc.

Student Choice Award

  • Hotel H2O
  • CMG Retail, Inc. (CLN)
  • House of Investments, Inc. Car Division – Honda Cars Kalookan

Student Choice Award – Overall

  • CMG Retail, Inc. (CLN)

Indeed a night of excellence, elegance and empowerment between the University and the industry, the Pyxidia Awards 2019 formally concluded with sincere words of thanks from the Assistant Dean of CHIM, Mary Ann Donato.

This event was immediately followed by the CBA and CHIM Promenade – a glamorous and festive celebration of the graduating class.

Olfu Pyxidia Awards

Earlier that day, a Job Fair was also held for the CHIM and CBA students, allowing them opportunities to explore their potentials as they transition to the professional life. Coming from various sectors, the participating companies were: Maxus, Kia, Novotel, Microtel, Isuzu Automotive Dealership, Honda, Volkswagen, Okada Manila, CMG Retail, and Sofitel.