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CBA launches pilot MARKED, explores latest trends in marketing
CBA launches pilot MARKED, explores latest trends in marketing

By: Raymond Lumagsao


By: Raymond Lumagsao


The College of Business and Accountancy (CBA) of Our Lady of Fatima University (OLFU) recently presented the first-ever “Marketing Forum for Marketing Educators” (MARKED) on 23 September 2023 at the Discussion Room 3 of the RISE Tower.

With the support of the Philippine Marketing Association (PMA), the marketing educators’ forum successfully covered two thrilling topics with podium speakers Virgilio “JoJo” Ajero and Amrei Dizon.

In his part, Ajero talked about “Scaling Up Brands” where he unveiled strategies and best practices behind the successes of brands, transforming those into even much bigger and better names in the market.

On the other hand, Dizon dived into “Content Marketing: Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) Insights for Modern Educators” where she stressed exploring creative marketing through customer insights and journeys.

Before the confab proper, Dr. Rommel Joseph Lazatin, Program Head for OLFU Pampanga Campus, delivered a welcome message with the Latin quote “Omnia mutator, no’s et metamer in ills” or “All things change, and we change with them,” encouraging everyone to be flexible and adaptable to move forward and grow.

This was followed by OLFU Valenzuela Program Head Arsenia Gallardo who relayed the message of University President Dr. Caroline Marian Enriquez to the attendees. In the said statement, the dynamic trailblazer articulated the challenging academic sector that pushes the faculty members to reinvent their tutelage responsive “to the fast-evolving industry landscape.”

“We, in higher education, continue to seek innovations, a progressive understanding that will not only promote but will also produce best practices to unleash education’s never-before-seen transcendent impact,” said President Enriquez while stressing the rise of technological tools that dramatically influence education delivery.

“This is a route that the education sector is ready to take with our adept faculty members in the frontline and whose agility to adapt to changes remains unmatched,” she added.

The academic chief also commended the partnership between PMA and OLFU which she referred to as a creative execution of OLFU’s cultural motivation to improve man as man.

Consequently, PMA Executive Vice President Mark Vincent Co also gave his warm message as well as PMA Director for Youth & Academe Dr. Christina Corpuz who would later present a brief background of the event, also inviting all the attendees to the forthcoming PMA events.

In a closing piece, Dr. Elna Barrantes, Program Head for Quezon City Campus, rendered profound remarks where she cited all the highlights of the successful turnout of the event.

Simply put, the event was a thoroughly informative one where participants from different universities assembled and actively engaged during the exchange, raising insightful questions and thought-provoking discussions. Ultimately, everyone contributed valuable input which truly elevated the learning experience through MARKED.

As a result, faculty members were challenged — also a call proposed by President Enriquez— to equip themselves with an effective course of action that will ensure excellence is embedded in their continuous professional development.

CBA extends its special thanks to Jay-Ar Sistona, CBA faculty member and in-house moderator; PMA President Sy Bryan Lato; PMA Secretariat Richard Anonuevo; and PMA Public Relations and Communications Officer Carmela Revelliza.

Story contributed by Sheilla Marie Apostol