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ABM Strand of OLFU Valenzuela holds a Grand Day of Creative Output
ABM Strand of OLFU Valenzuela holds a Grand Day of Creative Output

By: Chelsea Mayuga


By: Chelsea Mayuga


A jam-packed day of up-and-coming talented thinkers and their creations would be one way to describe the fascinating 13th day of December 2022. Billed as “Shaping Innovative Business Leaders: Backdrop of Rebuilding and Adapting to New Business Opportunities,” the Senior High School’s ABM (Accountancy, Business and Management) strand based at the Valenzuela Campus of Our Lady of Fatima University put up their ABM Day to showcase the massive creative minds thriving in their population.

In launching the affair, the Dean of the College of Business and Accountancy, Dr. Ignacio Cordova Jr. emphasized that the ability to innovate is a key ingredient in the success of future business leaders; thus, the event and its overarching theme, which focus on the importance of molding the youth to become the entrepreneurs of tomorrow, should be impactful to the ABM Grade 12 student-delegates. He added that the ability to improve on strategies, processes, and implementation will drive the personal growth of the individual, thereby creating incremental positive impact on the community to which he or she belongs.

A day of creative output then ensued.

TV and Print Advertisements

Each section of the ABM Strand of OLFU Valenzuela produced entries for television and print ads, which were then judged based on the soundness of concept, the clarity of message, the meticulous editing work, the impact of branding, and the overall effectiveness of non-celebrity endorsers.

Print Ad Winners: 1st Place, ABM 12-4 (Mc Cafe); 2nd Place, ABM 12-5 (Pepsi Blue), and 3rd Place: ABM, 12-3 (Mang Inasal Grilled Liempo).

Print Ad Special Awards: Best Endorser, ABM 12-2 (McDo Mushroom Pepper Steak); Best in Technical Quality, ABM 12-4 (Mc Café); Most Creative, ABM 12-3 (Mang Inasal); Most Remarkable, ABM 12-4 (Mc Café), and Best in Advertising Message, ABM 12-9 (Fit N’ Right).

TV Ad Winners: 1st Place, ABM 12-5 (Rebisco Strawberry); 2nd Place, ABM 12-4 (Fit N’ Right) and ABM 12-8 (BFF Fries), and 3rd Place, ABM 12-P1 (Jollibee Palabok) and ABM 12-5 (Pepsi Blue)

TV Ad Special Awards: Best Endorser, ABM 12-5 (Rebisco Strawberry); Best in Technical Quality, ABM 12-4 (Fit N’ Right); Most Creative, ABM 12-5 (Rebisco Strawberry); Most Remarkable, ABM 12-4 (Mc Café); Best in Advertising Message, ABM 12-8 (BFF Fries)

Jingle Writing Awards: 1st Place, ABM 12-5 (Rebisco Strawberry); 2nd Place, ABM 12-2 (Rebisco Biscuits), and 3rd Place, ABM 12-5 (Skyflakes Crackers).

Quiz Bee

24 students vied in a Quiz Bee focused on accounting and business financial management. Three students stood out: 1st Place- Herschel Ilagan; 2nd Place- Evenessence Deato, and 3rd Place- Micah Delos Santos.

Food Booths

12 ABM sections set up booths on the OLFU Rise Tower grounds and applied skills in business operations, marketing, and accounting & finance. All these were demonstrated in the product offerings, the booth designs, the promotions, and the preparation of financial statements. Evoking the theme on Philippine delicacies, the Food Bazaar turned into a mini Filipino fiesta!

Highest Profit: 1st Place, ABM 12-P1; 2nd Place, ABM 12-9, and 3rd Place, ABM 12-2.

Best Booth Design: 1st Place, ABM 12-1; 2nd Place, ABM 12-2, and 3rd Place, ABM 12-7.

Singing Contest

There also was a contest on singing and performing Original Pilipino Music. Valenzuela’s Grade 12 ABM students proved that “Filipinos Got Talent”!

Winners: 1st Place- Pauline Jean Mijares, ABM 12-8; 2nd Place- Roxanne Ella Gabuya, ABM 12-4, and 3rd Place- Geonna Visitacion, ABM 12-5.

Dance Contest

Show-stopping moves and grooves from the ABM’ers wowed the crowd, for sure!

Winners: 1st Place, ABM 12-9; 2nd Place, ABM 12-4, and 3rd Place, ABM 12-7 and ABM 12-8


The wonderful aftermath of the ABM Day will certainly echo through the rest of the school year for having many young talents collaborate creatively on different levels.

The planning and implementation of the ABM Day was led by ABM Coordinator (Valenzuela Campus) Rosalie Makil, and was supported by the faculty members of the strand.

Story contributed by:

Rosalie Makil

ABM Coordinator Valenzuela Campus