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Your Library is Just a Few Clicks Away
Your Library is Just a Few Clicks Away

By: Vicente Santos


By: Vicente Santos


The Learning Resource Center (LRC) of Our Lady of Fatima University has just created online channels for students and teachers to access much needed reference materials— easier and quicker. And learners can do it while nestled safely at home.

Need reference materials? Shoot out an email!

LRC launches an Online Reference Service through the email address: lrc@fatima.edu.ph.

So, students might think they have lost their trusty Librarians and those precious books because of the quarantine? Wrong. They have gone virtual and are now ready to serve those who need help in finding reading resources!

Just send an email to lrc@fatima.edu.ph along with the following information:

  • Query/ Concern:
  • Subjects/ Topics:
  • Campus:
  • Name:
  • Student Number:
  • Program:
  • Email Address: (use your fatima.edu.ph account)

Make sure all the abovementioned information is complete and shoot out the email to LRC.

Professional Librarians will work in the background to get the online resource needed. And when they find it, they will simply email the link to the requester. The LRC will strive to come back with a response in 24 hours.

Truly, you need not visit the Library. Instead, let it come to you where you are at home… your Online Library is just a few clicks away!