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Yambao and Guiao BAG TOP 2 & TOP 4 in PLE
Yambao and Guiao BAG TOP 2 & TOP 4 in PLE

By: Vicente Santos


By: Vicente Santos


Our Lady of Fatima University (OLFU) celebrates major wins in June with the reveal of the June 2016 Pharmacist Licensure Examination (PLE) results. Congratulations to the College of Pharmacy’s topnotchers:

TOP 2 92.80%                                                  TOP 4 91.57%
Valenzuela Campus                                          Antipolo Campus

With 2,784 PLE-takers in the June 2016 edition, and a yield of only 1,406 passers or 50.50%, Yambao’s and Guiao’s amazing feat underscores their winning attributes, as well as OLFU’s intent to mould its learners.

The University, likewise celebrates its 216 Pharmacy students who passed the board exams. This is a 72.48% passing average; a much higher outcome than the national average of 50.50%.

Rise to the Top, Fatima!

About Jennilyn

21 year-old Jennilyn sees her father as her first mentor; he who was quite strict but would consistently reward her for school achievements. Jennilyn’s mother also gave great support by attending her inter-school science competitions, for instance.

Jennilyn reflects that her family was of meager means and, thus, her parents could ill afford private schooling for her and her three other siblings. From a young age, Jennilyn knew she had to work for good grades to qualify for full scholarships to high school and college. Seeing how hard her father and mother worked to raise the family, Jennilyn took this as motivation to complete her studies so she could repay her parents for all that they’ve given and are still giving her— unconditional love, respect and support.

Jennilyn may be very studious but this young lady is also passionate about singing, watching television and bonding with her cousins. She also never forgets to honor God.

When she found out she landed in the Top 2 spot for the PLE, she said, “So I want to give my appreciation especially to God who guided me and gave me knowledge. I dedicate my achievement to God because I know that it wouldn’t be possible without Him. To my family, especially my parents, who always love and support me. To Dean Olive De Vera, to all my professors and review centre, thank you for imparting your knowledge to us. Also, I want to thank my classmates, schoolmates, co-interns in Mercury Drug, Pascual Laboratories and The Medical City. Lastly, I want to thank Our Lady of Fatima University for giving me a quality education and pushing me to the best of my capabilities.”


About Carl

Incredibly, our Top 4 says he doesn’t study all that much and all that often at home. What has helped him more, though, is his appreciation for listening to lectures in class. This is where he sees a lot of value, taking advantage of these moments to soak up as much as he can. And when Carl can’t understand something, he reads up on it.

Carl was strategic in his PLE journey. To prepare, he attended an OLFU in-house review conducted by the professors. He, then, reinforced his learning further with the help of a review centre. Carl says that while the review helped him remember previous subjects, it is not enough. He maintains that one must take the initiative to dig deeper, analyse questions, and know how to spot tricky questions and answer-options.

He advises future board exam takers to read the questions first, and to mark answers only for those you are 100% sure of. If a question requires more analysis, leave it first and go back to it later. If you’re under time pressure, you may lightly check the answer, and only completely shade the answer once you review it again and already know for sure it’s the correct answer. Carl adds that another technique for a difficult question is to eliminate all the wrong answers.

Giving a wise reminder, Carl says one can never prepare enough for the board exam. The clincher to passing it begins much earlier when one is still in school. His formula: if you invest yourself fully in your four years of Pharmacy and pass every subject as an undergraduate— you will pass the board.

Carl closes with words from journalist and media personality David Frost, and it goes, “Don’t aim for success if you want it; just do what you love and believe in, and it will come naturally.”