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Application Process (Second Coursers)

Who are defined as ”SECOND-COURSERS”?

– These are students who have already earned a baccalaureate degree from OLFU or another school, and would like to enroll for another degree program at OLFU.

STEP 1: Fill out the Application Form
• Access the webpage: 
• On the webpage, go to the application form by clicking the link:
• After choosing the OLFU Campus you wish to enroll in to, fill out all the required fields (*) in the application form.
• Once done, click the “Submit Admission Form” button to process your application.
• The system will then send a notification to your given email.
• Check your email for Email Notification #1. This email contains your applicant reference number, payment details, and basic personal information.
• Important: Do not make any payment until you are advised by the Admissions Team to do so. They will be guiding your special case every step of the way.

STEP 2: Submission of Requirements
In the abovementioned email notification, you will be asked to email to a designated address your TOR or Certificate of Grades. If this document is not yet available, the Admissions Team will accept an official “claim stub” coming from your previous school as proof that they will be providing you the pertinent documents soon.

Other Requirements to Prepare:
Initial Requirements
– 2×2 picture
– PSA Birth certificate (photocopy)
Major Requirements – required to be submitted before releasing of schedule
– Original Report Card
– Original Good Moral Certificate
– SHS Diploma (photocopy)
– TOR (for Transferee and 2nd Courser applicants)
– Honorable Dismissal (for Transferee and 2nd Courser applicants)

For any concerns, contact the Admissions Office numbers found here:

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