New Students

Application Process (New Students)


Who are defined as “New Students”?

These are students who have graduated or completed an academic category from other schools, and would wish to move forward to the next academic category by enrolling to OLFU.

– Grade 12 graduate from School X and now enrolling to First Year College at OLFU
– College graduate from School X and now enrolling to Graduate School at OLFU
– Grade 10 graduate from School X and now enrolling to Grade 11 SHS at OLFU
– Elementary graduate from School X and now enrolling to Grade 7 JHS at OLFU
– High School graduate from School X (prior K-12) and now enrolling to First Year College at OLFU

STEP 1: Fill out the Application Form
• Access the webpage: 
• On the webpage, go to the application form by clicking the link:
• After choosing the OLFU Campus you wish to enroll in to, fill out all the required fields (*) in the application form.
• Once done, click the “Submit Admission Form” button to process your application.
• The system will then send a notification to your given email.
• Check your email for Email Notification #1. This email contains your applicant reference number, payment details, and basic personal information.

STEP 2: Pay the Minimum Required Fees
OLFU Payment Options:
• Access this link for a full guide:
• Use the Applicant Number (found in Email Notification #1) as your Invoice Number in Dragonpay.
• Payment posting is 2-3 business days (weekends and holidays are not included).

OLFU Cashiers at the Student Financial Services Office:
• Open from Mondays to Saturdays from 9:00 AM-4:00 PM (closed on Sundays and holidays).
• On-campus transactions should be taken as a final option. Due to IATF guidelines, there is a limit to the maximum number of people who are allowed inside the Campus on any given day.
• Know that visitors could be asked to return on another day, or could face long queues and a long wait. Online payment is most recommended.

Minimum Required Fees for New Students (Non-refundable)

College / Transferees
NON-MARITIME Programs:  Total PHP 2,000
Php 500 Application Fee
Php 1,500 Minimum Down Payment
MARITIME Programs:  Total PHP 2,400
Php 900 Application Fee
Php 1,500 Minimum Down Payment

Grade 11 New Students
Php 500 Application Fee
Php 850 Learning Modality Fee (learning management system OR learning packets)
Php 500 Application Fee
Php 850 Learning Modality Fee (learning management system OR learning packets)
Php 1,500 Minimum Down Payment

Total: PHP 21,000
Php 1,000 Application Fee
Php 20,000 Minimum Down Payment

Graduate School:
Total: PHP 2,000
Php 500 Application Fee
Php 1,500 Minimum Down Payment

Total: PHP 8,000
Php 500 Application Fee
Php 7,500 Minimum Down Payment

Basic Education Department:
Total: PHP 1,700
Php 200 Application Fee
Php 1,500 Minimum Down Payment

Dragonpay Payment Channels
Proceed to the Dragonpay Biller gateway to process your payment.
Please select the campus you will enroll in.
Campus Name Biller Gateway (Use the Applicant number found in Email Notification #1 as the Invoice Number for Dragonpay).

Links to Dragonpay Gateways:

For payment concerns, contact the Student Financial Services numbers found here:

After payment, the system will send Email Notification #2 bearing your credentials to the Academic Information System (AIMS). This email confirms the successful posting of your payment and your login credentials (username and password) in AIMS. Upon clicking “Continue Login”, you will be redirected to the AIMS login page.

STEP 3: Update your profile and register for your Registration Card
• Input the AIMS credentials found in Email Notification #2 on the login page. (You can also access the login page using this link:
• Input your student number and initial password.
• Click “Sign In”
• The system will conduct a verification on the account. Input your birth date in the dropdown then click the “SUBMIT” button.
• After successfully logging in, you will be immediately asked to change your password.
• Your Current Password is the default password found in Email Notification #2.
• Your new password should be composed of at least eight (8) characters with upper and lower case letters, special symbols, and numbers. (e.g. Santos#123)
• Click RESET to confirm changes

Profile menu important reminders:
• Prepare your admission requirements for uploading. For details, click on this link:
• The profile menu consists of a 5-page information about your personal and scholastic records that will be used during your academic stay in OLFU.
• This process is very important because the complete modules in the dashboard will appear only after this update.

Profile Module
• Fill in your program and personal information; educational information; parent and guardian information; and socio-economic information. Make sure to answer all necessary information.
• You may click the next and previous buttons at the bottom to navigate between pages of the Profile Module.

AIMS Student Portal
• This is your account’s landing page in the Student Portal.
• Click “Registration” on the menu to enlist for your courses and choose your schedule.
• Choose your section.
• Check the enlisted subjects (be sure that there are enlisted subjects before saving).
• Save your subjects.
• Proceed to the “Assessment Module”.
• Choose your mode of payment.

Full Payment should be paid within the 1st week of Classes
Plan A (2 installments)
Payments Due before: Prelims and Midterms
*Involves a total surcharge of Php 400
Plan B (3 installments)
Payments Due before: Prelims, Midterms and Finals
*Involves a total surcharge of Php 800

• Click “Save Assessment” then “OK” to finalize your enrollment.
• Print your Registration Card or save it as PDF. You can also print your class schedule from this page.

For any concerns, contact the Admissions Office numbers found here:

Step 4: Check G SUITE and CANVAS Accounts
• Upon successful enrollment, the system will send Email Notification #3 for the G Suite credentials (refer to your Registration Card for the G Suite Username Account)
• Access the Google Mail login page
• Input your username and password
• Upon successful login, click the “ACCEPT” button on the Welcome Message
• For security purposes, you are required to provide your account recovery details
• A confirmation message will appear on the screen for the successful updates on the account
• Go to the G Suite landing page and access your Canvas through the G Suite Waffle/Apps Icon
• Your Canvas account dashboard will have your registered courses and will be uploaded two days before the start of classes


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