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Indonesian law students embark on Exchange Program at OLFU
Indonesian law students embark on Exchange Program at OLFU

By: Raymond Lumagsao


By: Raymond Lumagsao


In a significant stride towards fostering international collaboration and enriching academic experiences, two Indonesian law students from Universitas Muhammadiyah Magelang (UNIMMA) have embarked on a transformative journey as part of the Student Exchange Program Inbound (SEPI) at Our Lady of Fatima University (OLFU).

Dita Septia Anggraeni and Annisa Tunjung Wijayanti, along with their mentor, Prof. Tsuroyyaa Maitsaa Judah from UNIMMA’s College of Criminal Justice, were warmly welcomed to the OLFU community on 8 Mach 2024.

A grand welcome

The newest batch of SEPI commenced with an auspicious opening ceremony held at the RISE Tower on OLFU’s Valenzuela campus. Organized by the Center for Professional Development and Academic Partnership (CPDAP), the event marked the beginning of an exciting academic exchange between the two institutions.

The ceremony commenced with a harmonious blend of cultures as the Philippine and Indonesian National Anthems resonated through the corners of D3, symbolizing the unity and shared aspirations of the participating students.

Joint vision of CPDAP and CCJ

Dr. Rodehlia Macaspac, Manager of CPDAP, delivered the opening remarks. The partnership powerhouse emphasized the rapid establishment of the UNIMMA-OLFU partnership, highlighting the commitment to mutual growth and knowledge exchange.

For the OLFU leader, to strengthen regional academic alliances and create a platform for cross-cultural learning, collaboration across regions is paramount.

Meanwhile, Dr. John David, Dean of OLFU’s College of Criminal Justice (CCJ), led the orientation session for the SEPI Program. In a comprehensive overview, he introduced the various components of the college and emphasized the significant structures of Philippine criminology education.

The exchange students were further briefed on their upcoming three-month stay at OLFU, where they will delve into the intricacies of Forensic Science and Criminology programs.

Gratitude and anticipation

Reflecting on their upcoming journey, the Indonesian guests have expressed gratitude and excitement. Their participation in the exchange program promises not only exposure to Philippine higher education but also immersion in the rich Filipino culture.

The recent visit of UNIMMA to OLFU in September 2023, as showcased in an audio-visual presentation, further fueled their anticipation.

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Exploring OLFU’s campuses

The opening program culminated with a guided tour around the RISE Tower, allowing the students to familiarize themselves with the RISE campus facilities and vibrant academic environment of the OLFU community.

During their stay, Dita and Annisa will actively participate in both Criminology and Forensic Science classes. Additionally, they are expected to visit and explore all six campuses of OLFU – Valenzuela, Quezon City, Antipolo, Pampanga, Nueva Ecija, and Laguna – gaining insights into various disciplines and engaging with fellow students and faculty members.

CCJ’s Unified Front

The College of Criminal Justice demonstrated its unflagging support during the opening program. Program heads from across OLFU’s campuses for CCJ all appeared during the launch, reinforcing the commitment to academic excellence and cross-cultural understanding.

As the SEPI program unfolds, the exchange students are poised to contribute to the academic tapestry of OLFU while building lasting friendships and broadening their horizons.

Succinctly put, this collaboration exemplifies the power of education to transcend borders and for the global community of learners to rise to the top. – Raymond Lumagsao