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From Lumalayag to Parvis Magna: Maritime Club transitions leadership
From Lumalayag to Parvis Magna: Maritime Club transitions leadership

By: Raymond Lumagsao


By: Raymond Lumagsao


The College of Maritime Education (CME) at Our Lady of Fatima Valenzuela witnessed a ceremonial turnover of leadership within its student organization, Maritime Club, as the outgoing batch of leaders, known as Class Lumalayag, passed the baton to the incoming officers under the banner of Class Parvis Magna.

This transition of authority occurred 13 May 2024 at the open field on the RISE Tower grounds of OLFU Valenzuela in a solemn event attended by key figures within the college.

Dr. Francis Jay Dela Cruz, the College Dean, spearheaded the procession of reviewing officers, accompanied by notable personalities including C/E Antonio Ballester, Program Head – Engine; Capt. Marlon Pascual, Maritime Club Adviser and Program Head – Deck; and 2/E Mark Anthony Ramos, Onboard Training (OBT) Supervisor; and Engr. Reynaldo Osma Jr., Asst. OBT Supervisor and Executive Officer.

Proud parents and guardians of the officers also graced the occasion, adding to the significance of the event.

Second Officer Lincoln Orine, a member of the CME faculty, delivered an inspirational address emphasizing the paramount importance of integrity, urging the new cadre of officers to uphold this virtue even in the absence of supervision. Drawing from his personal experiences as a former cadet, Orine highlighted the transformative power of perseverance and integrity in leadership development.

The formalities continued with the pass and review ceremony, during which the incoming officers received their respective shoulder boards and assumed their new roles. Cdt. John Keyann Lunaria assumed the mantle of Corps Commander, succeeding the outgoing Corps Commander, Cdt. Marielle Anne Reyes.

In an interview, Lunaria articulated his commitment to embodying exemplary conduct and leadership qualities throughout his tenure, aspiring not only to lead the Maritime Club but also to inspire the broader student body within the College of Maritime Education.

Meanwhile, outgoing Corps Commander, Cdt. Reyes in a separate interview, also shared insights garnered from her tenure, stressing the significance of teamwork and effective organization in achieving collective goals.

Reflecting on her experiences, particularly in balancing leadership responsibilities with academic pursuits, Reyes underscored the instrumental role played by the Maritime Club in honing her decision-making skills and prioritization abilities.

Citing the training she acquired during her term, Reyes added that the experience also became a contributing factor of her rigorous preparation and eventual qualification for the Anglo-Eastern Ship Management’s Cadetship Program.

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Serving as one of the recommending authorities for onboard training (OBT), Engr. Osma, reiterated the importance of discipline, respect, and integrity in the conduct of cadet officers.

While encouraging both outgoing and incoming Maritime Club officers to prioritize ethical conduct, Osma emphasized the principle of choosing the morally upright path, even when faced with challenges.

The turnover ceremony marked a significant tradition within the College of Maritime Education, symbolizing the continuity of leadership and the cultivation of values essential for future maritime professionals. – Raymond