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College of Dentistry 1st Semester Tuition Fee AY 2023-2024


Program Tuition Fees
Full Payment (w/ Misc Fees) Plan A Plan B
Doctor of Dental Medicine

Php 27,512.00

Php 27,912.00

(Php 9,304.00)

Php 28,312.00

(Php 7,078.00)

Minimum Requirements to Enroll: 
Application Fee = Php 200.00
Down Payment = Php 1,500.00
(The Application Fee and Minimum Down Payment are non-refundable.)

Full Payment = Full payment should be paid within the 1st week of classes

Plan A = 3 installments (Payments Due before: Down payment, Prelims, and Midterms)

Plan B = 4 installments (Payments Due before: Down payment, Prelims, Midterms, and Finals)

Fees may change without prior notice.

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