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CHIM nation encouraged to seek global opportunities during 2nd Int’l Fair
CHIM nation encouraged to seek global opportunities during 2nd Int’l Fair

By: Raymond Lumagsao


By: Raymond Lumagsao


The College of Hospitality and Institutional Management (CHIM) of Our Lady of Fatima University (OLFU) successfully hosted its 2nd International Fair at the RISE Tower on 6 February 2024.

Packed with CHIM students across OLFU campuses, this year’s theme centered on “From Backpacks to Briefcases: Fostering Future Leaders in Hospitality and Tourism through Global Connections.”

The fair aimed to provide the CHIM nation with valuable insights, networking opportunities, and a deeper understanding of the global landscape in the field of hospitality and tourism.

Under the dynamic leadership of Dean Ignacio Cordova Jr., CHIM once again demonstrated its commitment to excellence by fostering academic growth, practical skills, and industry connections for its students.

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Exploring Four Crucial Areas

The fair was divided into four distinct parts, each focusing on a critical aspect of global engagement:

  1. Study Abroad: Empowering Global Citizens

The first segment, titled “Empowering Global Citizens: Maximizing the Educational and Personal Benefits of Study Abroad Programs,” featured insightful talks by industry experts. 

Mary Jean De Guzman, Director of ZIP Travel, and Jerico Bautista, Business Development Manager of First Place, Inc., shared their experiences and emphasized the transformative impact of studying abroad.

The comprehensive exchange was a practical reference for CHIM nation, where critical themes such as the financial and emotional demands of international education among others, have been spelled out.

  1. Cultural Exchange Program Focus: Navigating Diversity

In the second part, attendees delved into the complexities of cultural diversity in the global workplace. 

Alisa G. Aleva, Director of Operations for United Towers Philippines; Jomar Aguirre, Coordinator of Japan International Studies for LEAD Philippines; and Maria Venus Quilicol, Work and Travel (WAT) alumna from OLFU-CHIM Quezon City, followed suit with yet another crucial discussion.

Emphasizing the need to ensure that partner agencies are vetted and legitimate, the round of talk zeroed in on the varying challenges of pursuing study overseas including documentary requirements, language barriers, and cultural disparity.

Their perspectives established the importance of cultural competence in today’s interconnected world and, for that matter, emphasized the preliminary preparations to meet its requirements through orientation, training, and personality development programs, among others.

  1. Employment Focus: Building a Borderless Workforce

The third panel, titled “Foreseeing a Competent and Borderless Workforce: Global Talent Mobility and Professional Development in Hospitality and Tourism,” featured insights from Cesar Averia, President of EDI Staffbuilders Inc., and Mr. Mohiro Tada, Executive Director of PERSOL Global Workforce.

For this section, the CHIM nation had a front-row seat in exploring the strategies for graduates to thrive in an increasingly interconnected job market.

  1. Internship Focus: Fostering Cultural Awareness

The final segment, led by Lyn Macabihag, Operations Manager for ASIA Placement International; Ingrid Ursua, President of e-VERSITY Online Campus; and Carolina Roces, Associate Department Head for Internship at Far Eastern University, centered on “Fostering Cultural Awareness through International Internship: Preparation, Practice, and Impact.” 

Students discovered the significance of cross-cultural experiences during internships and how they contribute to personal and professional growth.

A vibrant gathering of future leaders

Throughout the day, the RISE Tower buzzed with energy as the CHIM nation engaged with the speakers, exchanged ideas, and explored potential opportunities. The fair provided a platform for networking, mentorship, and collaboration.

MOA ceremonial signing: strengthening partnerships

The fair also served as an occasion for the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) Ceremonial Signing, where OLFU CHIM solidified its connections with industry partners. These partnerships will enhance student experiences, facilitate internships, and open doors to global opportunities.

Direct queries at the booths

Booths were set up outside the Assembly Hall, allowing students to raise direct queries related to international placements. Whether seeking information on study abroad programs, cultural exchanges, internships, or employment prospects, students found personalized guidance and support.

The 2nd International Fair turned out to be a bridge connecting students to a world of possibilities, sowing seeds of global leadership and a promising future for the next generation of hospitality and tourism professionals. – Raymond Lumagsao