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The College of Computer Studies spearheaded by its dean, Dr. Raymond Macatangga has recently released an Excel-based application called ClassMate
February 07,2014

The College of Computer Studies spearheaded by its dean, Dr. Raymond Macatangga has recently released an Excel-based application called ClassMate. This is an Excel grade sheet geared up by macro programming to give OLFU faculty a more comprehensive yet compact grading tool. Mr. Ryan Richard H. Guada–a who had developed and proposed the software is a CCS faculty member of the Valenzuela City campus who has also been assigned as the department Quality Assurance Officer. He pictured for a better practice in submitting necessary grading documents and envisioned a standardized template of reports, and a more convenient way of keeping records. This led to the development of the said application a few weeks after this semester started. ClassMate and Mr. Guada–a aims for the following objectives: Standardization. In compliance with the ISO, ClassMate standardizes the way faculty records student grades as well as the reports they need to submit. The transmutation of grades complies with the Grading System stated in the OLFU Student Handbook. (2013 Edition pages 14,15) Integrity and Accuracy. ClassMate ensures data integrity and completeness through the use of input validation. Classmate also automatically displays text based equivalents such as FDA, NFE, AW and UW if certain conditions are met. Organization and Compactness. ClassMate does not require the faculty to save class section records in separate files. In one workbook, the faculty may create grade sheets for all of his classes. All recording needs as well as the attendance and guardianÕs information can be recorded in a single spread sheet. Convenience. Familiarity with MS Office Applications and basic computer skills are sufficient enough for one to use this software. Aside from grade related reports, a variety of seat plan options can be printed for use. The faculty may also use the Grade Finder feature to inform a specific student of his grades. The department created a web based page and group. Through the support of the college program heads, Mr. Darwin Fullo and Mr. Lersan del Mundo, the department faculty members instigated testing of the software. Ms. Meneses and Mr. Sison pioneered in testing the application throughout the multiple beta versions. Though the software is well compatible with MS Office 2010 or higher only, now Mr. Guada–a humbly releases ClassMate ver 1.15b rel 2.1. As the OLFU family continues to rise to the top, let us welcome the innovation with full enthusiasm.

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