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Pampanga’s 1st SHS ACQUAINTANCE PARTY, “Glows in the Dark”
September 26,2016



Recently, Senior High School (SHS) students of the Pampanga Campus of Our Lady of Fatima University (OLFU) rejoiced in their very first Acquaintance Party. Held 26 August 2016, the event was organized by the Office of the Student Affairs led by Co-Curricular Affairs Coordinator Jonel Santos, with ample support from the University Administration and the entire OLFU- Pampanga community.


Serving as a vehicle for SHS students to get acquainted with each other, as well as with their OLFU faculty members and non-teaching staff, the Acquaintance Party made for an enjoyable way to “break the ice” and give the young people a greater sense of belongingness at OLFU- Pampanga.


Faculty members, John Paul Vitug and Ronares Bumagat, served as the masters of ceremony and opened the event.


Principal Maria Lourdes Diaz, head of the Basic Education Department, welcomed the students, the administrators and faculty members. Following immediately, the emcees presented the OLFU- Pampanga staff with the objective of familiarizing the SHS students with the various entities who support their day-to-day life on campus.


It was likewise perfect timing for Campus Administrator, Dean Muriel Caballero, to induct the officers of Student Organizations, namely the:

  • Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants (JPIA)
  • Junior Executive Business Council (JEBC)
  • Future Young Educator’s Society (FYES)
  • Communicator’s Society (COMMSOC)
  • Medical Technology of Innovative Society (METIS)
  • Elevating Man to the Potentials of Wise Use of Earth’s Resources and Diversity (EMPOWERED- Environmental Science)
  • Society of Fatima Science Educators (SOFSCIE- BSE General Science Major)
  • OLFU- Psychology Student’s Association (OLFU- PSA)
  • Criminology Students of OLFU- Pampanga Society (COPS)




Next came good, clean fun. The most trendy social media crazes were front and center. Games such as the “Pak Ganern Challenge” and the “Horn Dance Challenge” elicited shrieks and laughter. Students from the different SHS Strands joined the contests, with faculty members also participating. A “Lip Synch Battle” earned raves, too.


Special numbers from the Fatima Performing Arts of Pampanga and the SHS Dance Troupe (choreography by Angel Tulabot) added to the huge success of the affair, as well as the participation that came from the faculty and the non-teaching personnel.


The formula of talent, skills and wit, combined, created a truly entertaining and engaging experience for the audience.


Iyhen Angelo Lapil and Princess Mikkaella Sicat from the SHS section of GAS- 1P won as Mr. and Ms. Outfit of the Night. On the other hand, Jay-Mark Olalia of GAS- 3P won the Lip Synch Battle.


A dance ensued, thereafter, where different genres of music wafted from the speakers and cool dance moves played out on the floor; showing how much Pampanga’s Grade 11 Students loved their welcome celebration.



-  Report courtesy of Carl Ancheta

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