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February 21,2013

Attended by 1207 graduating students from different colleges, guest speaker, Mr. Ed Pilapil Jr. left his audience amazed and equipped with knowledge about the next step they will pursue after graduation, the world of work. Mr. Pilapil discussed about choosing and loving your career. He also emphasized on work ethics and characteristics that an individual should possess in order for him to have a long, and satisfying career. Job and Career are two different terms. According to Mr. Pilapil, A person with a job may have the same job for ten or twenty years, with minor opportunities for advancement. The career person, on the other hand, seizes opportunities for progress and may move from one position to another often in the same field. Money, salary, paycheck, whatever you call it, this shouldn?t be the reason why you keep a career. Of course this is important to make the ends meet, but the point is, when you put passion and love to your career, it will definitely love you back. The career itself will always be the reason why you want to go to the office on a Monday morning, make you want to stay

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