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December 06,2016

The College of Education-Antipolo Campus of Our Lady of Fatima University (CoE Antipolo-OLFU) proudly presents a topnotcher in the recently-concluded Licensure Exam for Teachers (L.E.T.), Elementary Level. Keith Kryzzel Mopas Pelareja earns the 6th spot in the September 2016 exam , attaining a rating of 87%. The L.E.T. is conducted by the Professional Regulation Commission (P.R.C).


With the top-rating outcome of her exam tucked into her belt, Pelareja hopes that with this “triumph comes also the start of a successful career, not just in the teaching profession where I am rooted, bu also in other programs and fields where my service will be of best help.”



About Keith


Graduating with a Bachelor in Elementary Education from the Antipolo Campus last March 2016, Keith is the second of four siblings . She grew up under the caring guidance of her mother and grandmother. Their family operated a sari-sari store; Keith’s main source for her allowance while reviewing for the board exams.


Keith avers, “I’m a writer. It’s in my veins to play with words by composing articles, prose, poetry, stories, tips and memoirs.” Further, Keith runs her own personal blog, and also knows how to design shirts, lanyards, posters, uniforms, certificates, among other items.


This young lady is an aficionado of popular American or Netflix series, rom-com’s, sci-fi and animated films, doughnuts, milk tea and everything about fashion and the arts.


With her life goals set, Keith sees herself starting out by extending her services to children in pre-school or grade school for a while. Then, she looks forward to entering graduate school to earn credentials qualifying her to teach at the college-level. She muses, “I can see myself addressed by the word ‘professor’. Travel is also at the top of her wish-list: Philippines, Asia, Europe, and more.


“Giving back” to her Mom as Keith achieves more in life is also a priority. Family is her driving force; “the source of motivation, strength and determination to pursue the things I want to achieve,” she states. She continues, “Next will be my amazing friends who never left me even in the darkest of my days, through thick and thin, and in victory and defeat, they’re the ones who keep me company when I seem to doubt myself. And lastly, my Lord-- My faith in Him continues to be firm; every day of my life I will wake up with a grateful heart and expectations that I can do everything through Him.”






OLFU extends its congratulations to Keith and its 43 new teachers in elementary education. May they inspire the minds of the young, and nurture a new breed of achievers.


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