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August 08,2016

At the break of dawn on Sunday, 17 July 2016, hundreds of students, health professionals, differently-abled individuals and supporters converged at the Greenhills Shopping Center in Ortigas to celebrate the annual observance of the National Disability and Rehabilitation Week (NDPRW).

Spearheaded by the physiatrists and specialists of the Philippine Academy of Rehabiliation Medicine (PARM), the “Fit the Record” Event promoted public awareness of the talents of People with Disabilities (PWD’s).

The College of Physical Therapy of the Our Lady of Fatima University (OLFU-CPT) was one of the major sponsors. With the lead of Dean Mary Anne R. Santos, MD, FPARM, OLFU’s 300-strong participation of faculty members and CPT students from the Antipolo, Quezon City and Valenzuela campuses signified the University’s solid support of the cause.

Fun-filled from start to end, the affair began with Opening Remarks courtesy of the well-known Director of the Department of Health (DOH), Dr. Enrique Tayag.A Zumba session followed, thereafter, as a warm-up for the joiners; then, promptly segued to a Zumba dance competition. During the said contest, representatives from the OLFU-CPT Quezon City campus gamely staged a short presentation.

The occasion culminated in the engagement of the participants through the formation of the biggest “human accessibility” logo. Done for the very first time through the PARM activity, it could very well make it to the Guinness Book of World Records.

But Guinness record or no, “Fit the Record” is a powerful show of commitment of PARM and its members to their advocacy of promoting the welfare, respect and recognition of PWD’s; influencing the public to acknowledge that PWD’s play relevant roles in their communities, and that they are entitled to have their place in the world just like anyone else.

OLFU – CPT faculty, alumni, Interns and students with Dean Mary Anne Santos and Dr. Enrique Tayag ,Director of DOH .


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