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Nurse Laxamana makes it to the Top 6 in Licensure Exam
July 28,2017


In the June 2017 Nurse Licensure Examination, a product of the College of Nursing of Our Lady of Fatima University (OLFU), took the Top 6th spot out of a total of 11,176 test-takers in the country. She is Maria Queenie E. Laxamana, R.N.


It could be a fact that the transfer of skills, talents and intellect is a matter of genetics. In Queenie’s story, it could very well be because her parents, Rex and Sheryl, were also OLFU graduates of BS in Nursing. Here’s another interesting truth, in the 1990’s, Queenie’s parents were taught and mentored by Mr. Francis Vasquez, MAN. In those days, he witnessed the budding romance of Rex and Sheryl. Post-graduation, the teacher-student relationship between Mr. Vasquez and the couple progressed into what would turn out to be a lifetime’s friendship.



Almost two decades later, and as fate would have it, Mr. Vasquez would now stand as teacher to Queenie, the daughter of this Laxamana couple. “The very first time I saw how she answered her exams, I knew then that she was going to be topnotcher material,” Mr. Vasquez muses.


And how. Queenie initially eyed being in the hospitality industry, and began her academic life by enrolling in hotel and restaurant management. But she caved in to the prodding of her parents being the obedient and loving daughter that she was, and enrolled in the Nursing Program; despite the fact that she did not have a liking for it.


Queenie had some doubts early into her Nursing degree. For one, she hated science. But she tried with all her might, believing that doing one’s best in everything one does will lead to success. The love for nursing gradually developed when Queenie began her nursing duties, and started encountering different patients. Before long, the love grew into an inextinguishable passion.


She made it a point to be diligent in her studies, but never forgetting to enjoy life. For Queenie, traveling is her life. Her social media posts are mostly about her weekend escapades with family and friends. Yet she never failed to manage her time wisely while still in school; balancing books and leisure like an expert. Actually, Queenie topped OLFU’s College of Nursing Competency Appraisal 2, the Qualifying Exam and the Mock Board Examination. So, early on, there were already strong clues that there was going to be a winner in Queenie Laxamana.





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