MIRANI, TOP 8 in Psychometrician Exam Wildcard SSL
MIRANI, TOP 8 in Psychometrician Exam
September 27,2016


Maria Samantha Go Mirani, RPm achieved the Top 8th position in the August 2016 Psychometrician Licensure Examination. Mirani, or widely-known as “Sam”, earned her degree of Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) of Our Lady of Fatima University (OLFU-Valenzuela Campus). She garnered an 84% average in the said exam.


Sam is the youngest of 3 siblings. Her parents manage a hardware store, and Sam sometimes helps out by serving as the store cashier.


A young woman who indulges in occasional table tennis games, Sam also loves to read and watch fiction-based stories. She’s a fan of the Japanese way of life, and dreams of studying in the country one day; but not before she’s learned the language.

Using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Sam defines her personality type as “INTP” (Introversion, Intuition, Thinking and Perception). Generally, she prefers logical pursuits above social interaction, and finds abstract and indefinite concepts stimulating. Studies say INTP’s are rare, and only 3% of people identify as such.


Looking forward to medical school next year, Sam is motivated to be in a position that allows her to help her fellowmen. She’s quite aware that many people have helped her along the way, and while she feels she can never repay the kindness value-per-value, she’s inspired to “pay it forward” by serving others. By doing so, Sam believes, she progresses from a passive existence to a more meaningful one.


I plan to go to medical school next year and I am very excited to be in a position where I can help a lot of people. Since a lot of people have helped me in my journey, and since I cannot fully repay them, I want to “pay it forward” by helping others. I believe that in this way, I would have risen above a passive kind of existence.


Congratulations to Sam and all of OLFU’s new Psychometricians. Deep gratitude goes out also to the Teachers of CAS- Valenzuela who, through their earnest efforts and dedication, helped facilitate the success of their students.  OLFU celebrates this achievement!




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