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Korean Maritime School Visits Fatima
August 15,2016

Keeping the vision of globalizing the educational experience of its students, the Our Lady of Fatima University’s (OLFU) College of Maritime Education (CME) received official representatives from the Korean Maritime and Ocean University (KMOU) last 09 August 2016 at OLFU’s Valenzuela City Campus.

The visit is an offshoot from the previously signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed by both universities. The MOU facilitates the deployment of OLFU-CME on-the-job trainees (OJT’s) to the various maritime vessels of KMOU. 

Prior to the actual fielding of OJT’s to KMOU, the said University deemed it important to take an account of OLFU-CME’s facilities, hence, the KMOU visit on August 9th


KMOU Guests:

1.  PROFESSOR LEE EUNBANG – Dean of Maritime Science College

2.  PROFESSOR GUG SUENGGII – Department Head of Coast Guard Studies

3.  PROFESSOR JEONG TAE-GWEON – Chairman of Korean Institute of Navigation and Port Research




OLFU Representatives:

1.  CAPTAIN EUTIQUIO R. REYES, JR. – Dean, College of Maritime Education

2.  C/M CESARIO G. REGACHO -   Shipboard Training Program Person-In-Charge


4.  3/E FRANCIS JAY D. DELA CRUZ -    Asst. Person-In-Charge

5.  2/O FERDINAND Q. ROMERO – Faculty BSMT Laboratory Custodian      

6.  MR. LEE TAEJONG – Coordinator of Korean Affairs 



During the visit, Prof. Lee Eunbang and Captain Eutiquio Reyes, Jr. graciously introduced their delegates from KMOU and OLFU, respectively.


As the Dean of OLFU’s College of Maritime Education, Captain Reyes oriented the Korean guests on the University’s history, as well as its founders, officers, campuses and the roots of CME itself. With pride, he said the OLFU is now one of the most recognized maritime schools in the Philippines; its sterling reputation cultivated through its steady stream of quality graduates, 20 years and running. He also shared the University’s newest acquisition in the form of a training ship that is sure to further hone the practical skills training of its maritime students. 


In response, Prof. Lee introduced KMOU as a well-acclaimed public university with four colleges, eight departments and two training ships. He then encouraged Captain Reyes to relate what he experienced and learned with he visited KMOU. As a parting shot, Prof. Lee informed the group that he will soon be a faculty member once again since he has already completed his three-year term as Dean.


Both schools affirmed their earnest desire to put the Student Exchange Program into action as soon as possible.

KMOU’s Professor Gug gave a great suggestion that the two schools formulate a Faculty Exchange Visit. This way, even the teacher-experience is enriched, and will certainly result in even higher-quality students. 


The meet-and-greet event culminated in an actual tour of the College of Maritime Education site--- its classrooms and facilities--- supported with more information about the program and course offerings of the said College.

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