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Fatima Welcomes Busan Womens College
October 12,2016

Dean Lurceli Santos of the College of Nursing of Our Lady of Fatima University (OLFU) spearheaded a welcome event for faculty members of South Korea’s Busan Women’s College (BWC) led by its Dean, Dr. Kang Youngsuk.


Held last 30 September 2016 at the Medicine Conference Room, Dean Santos began acquaintance affair with a brief orientation on OLFU’s Nursing program; highlighting its curriculum, particularly the clinical partners of the school where the students go for their Related Learning Experience. She also presented the faculty members of the college, underscoring that all of them have earned their Master’s Degrees. More, Dean Santos discussed the practicum program which nursing students, from Korea-based Ulsan College, went through at OLFU in August.


In turn, Dean Youngsuk introduced BWC as an exclusive school for women, established in year 2012. The college currently has 500 students taking a four-year Nursing Program with a total of 146 units, including 1,000 hours of clinical experience. Graduates of BWC are eligible to take the nursing board exam in Korea. Further, Dean Youngsuk mentioned that she had heard very good and positive feedback that the students of Ulsan College found their practicum experience at OLFU to be a thoroughly rewarding and productive experience. Given this, Dean Youngsuk expressed that BWC is quite keen in sending their students to OLFU for practicum. It was agreed that specifics of this arrangement would undergo refinements in the near future.


A tour of the Fatima University Medical Center and Nursing Virtual Laboratory took place after the meeting.



Dean Youngsuk informed the group that BWC is an exclusive school for women and was established only in 2012.  They currently have a total of 500 students who are taking up a four year Nursing Program with a total of 146 units including the 1,000 hours of clinical experience.  The graduates of BWC are eligible to take the nursing board exam in Korea.  She likewise informed the group that they heard of the wonderful and productive practicum experience at OLFU of the students from Ulsan College.  She said that they are likewise motivated to send, as well, their students to OLFU for practicum. This matter will be further negotiated in the near future.


After the discussion at the Medicine Conference Room, the guests went for a tour of the FUMC and the Nursing Virtual Laboratory.

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