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BSTM Seniors Host 2016 Tourism Annual Convention
November 17,2016

24 October 2016, Baguio City, Philippines- 4th Year students of the B.S. in Travel Management (BSTM) program of the College of Hospitality and Institutional Management, Our Lady of Fatima University (OLFU-CHIM) collaborated closely as they staged “Tourism for All: Celebrating Unity in Diversity”, the 6th Annual Convention. Traditionally hosted by 4th Year BSTM Students as part of their Events Class, the affair is considered to be one of the grandest and most-awaited in OLFU-CHIM. The convention does double-duty: one, as learning event for the event delegates, and, two, as a platform for practical experience for the BSTM Seniors in putting up an event from conceptualization to actual implementation and management.  And rise to the occasion they did as the Seniors studiously covered every aspect of the programme--- from a specially-prepared Doxology to the following heart-warming Tableau and all the way to the engaging speakers and entertainment.

2nd Year BSTM students comprised the body of convention delegates or attendees. At the Camp John Hay Convention Center, it was an eye-opening experience for them as they picked up nuggets of knowledge from the invited Speakers.

The Manor Hotel’s Assistant Training Manager Elizando Abella Medrano led the discussion on “Graduate Employability and Retention in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry”. Specifically, he dissected the “expectations versus reality” about working in the industry, and cited the three factors of knowledge, skills and attitude as the most critical in succeeding at work, with the latter as being most valuable for him in the workplace. Medrano also gave pointer on “should’s” and “should not’s” when applying for work. As a parting shot, he said he was quite impressed about the initiative demonstrated in putting his profile together; an effort he lauded as carefully-researched to the smallest detail, and that kind of trait was already an advantage to the team.

Benedicto Alhambra, a former Tourism Officer of Baguio led the topic on “The Developmental Challenges, Trends and Prospects of Tourism with Focus on the Baguio Tourism Situation”.

Marsha Radam, the City Tourism Officer of Baguio City, took the final topic for the day entitled, “Tourism as a Means of Communication to Celebrate Multicultural Differences”. For this segment, she emphasized the importance of classifying the guests who visit the city. According to Radam, it is a great advantage to be able to establish first the common interests/ denominators between visitors of a specific classification; for instance, classifying them by their nationality. This way, there is better direction in the way an event is managed.

One truth resonated through the three Speakers: that, in Tourism, differences amongst people need not be divisive; instead, it would be beneficial to uncover common ground, or how these different influences or interests can complement each other.


Making for a well-rounded, satisfying experience for the delegates, the learning was balanced-off with entertainment and interaction. The BSTM Seniors showcased their talents through song-and-dance numbers during intermission. 

And amping-up the excitement further were the competitions that took place. BSTM 2nd Year Students faced-off for the first-ever C.H.I.M. Next Tough Model. Out came the competitors in “wow” outfits and their respective struts, thrilling the audience and the guest judges. Then there was the Modern Cultural Dance Competition participated in by the BSTM 4th Year Students. Each competing class gave their very best to bring home the top prize.

Tough Model winner was Kyle Bautista of BSTM 2Y1-2, while the grand champion for the Dance Competition was the Class of BSTM 4Y1-3.

By the end of the event, the hours invested in preparation, the sleepless nights and the hard work all became worthwhile as delegates departed with unforgettable memories, and as the CHIM Faculty and Leaders gave good feedback and comments. From both the side of organizer and attendee, the convention was a most helpful learning experience.


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