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AHA Names OLFU as SILVER PARTNER for Its Lifesaving Programs
November 11,2016

by Jueliand Peter Perez 


4 November 2016, Valenzuela, Metro Manila - The Our Lady of Fatima University's (OLFU) commitment in giving timely and essential basic life support and advanced cardiovascular life support training programs to its students earned SILVER in the American Heart Association (AHA) Emergency Cardiovascular Care Recognition Program for year 2015-2016. 


The AHA Emergency Cardiovascular Care Recognition Program was created to recognize International Training Centers (ITC) that deliver quality training with a significant or meaningful impact aligned with AHA's quality assurance guidelines.

Approved in Year 2012 as an ITC, with Michael Joseph Diño, MAN, PhD as its training coordinator, OLFU remains true to its mission of “improving man as man” by championing significant efforts in refining its students' skills in lifesaving cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), first aid and cardiovascular care. “We should be proud because AHA is the leading organization in CPR and emergency cardiovascular care. With this recognition, I am hoping that the programs will be extended not only to the College of Medicine but to other allied health programs," said Dr. Diño.











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