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12 OLFU Orchestra & Band Members Go for Music Training in Korea
September 15,2016


In June 2016, Korea’s Rotary International-Seoul Gangnam Rotary Club District 3640 extended a gracious invitation to the Our Lady of Fatima University (OLFU) President, Dr. Caroline Marian S. Enriquez. The gesture involved the idea of sending members of the OLFU Orchestra and Band to Korea for music training. Of course, the school felt very much honored and blessed by such an offer. The question: Is it going to get off the ground?


Fast-forward to August, the answer to the query is an absolute, resounding “Yes!”, because by August 11, 2016, 12 OLFU students flew to Korea to partake in a music and culture immersion program for 20 days. Credit for leading the program goes to OLFU Orchestra Head Suk JeaYoo, who helped coordinate visa/ documentation requirements and other details.


OLFU Orchestra & Band Master SimSeokYouk, the members of the Rotary International- Seoul Gangnam Rotary Club District 3640 and other generous benefactors from South Korea sponsored the airfare, on-site transportation, accommodations, food and Korean tour. It isn’t an exaggeration to say that the sponsors were nothing short of helpful and accommodating; creating unforgettable experiences for the OLFU students.


  • Living Arrangements: The OLFU musicians were billeted at the sprawling Garam Resort, owned by Mr. Youk; here, they were warmly welcomed by the employees. One of the amenities of the resort  is a practice room where the orchestra and band rehearsed.


  • 15 August 2016: The group holds their first performance in Korea upon the invitation of the Seoul Gangnam Rotary Club.


  • 18 August:  As a special treat, the whole team goes to the Everland Amusement Park.


  • 23 August: Sumptuous lunch with the former President of the Seoul Gangnam Rotary Club, Seung Nam Ahn


  • An immersion at the Macheon-Youth Center where children undergo musical training. This is run by current President of Gangnam R.C, Mr. Yeon.


  • A dinner treat courtesy of Mr. Yong HeeYeon.


  • 27 August 2016: Time to give back. The OLFU Orchestra & Band members performance at a facility for the disabled. Later that day, and upon the invitation coming from other sponsors of the program, they played once again.




  • 28 August: Jamming with the Korean jazz band Frigo Tune


  • 29 August: A wonderful surprise visit from Korean singer Jeong OK Lee


  • 31 August: Back home to the Philippines!


  • 09 September: Dr. Caroline Marian S. Enriquez awards the participants with a Certificate of Completion. The citation is jointly signed by her, Mr. Yeonof the Rotary Club and Mr. Youk, OLFU Orchestra & Band Master. Each awardee also receives a cash gift from Mr. Youk.


Undoubtedly, the Korean exposure was a kaleidoscope experience for the music enthusiasts of OLFU. Deepest appreciation goes out to Mr. Yeon for verbalizing and actualizing the vision, the Rotary International- Seoul Gangnam Rotary Club District 3640 and the other benefactors for acknowledging and supporting OLFU talents.



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