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Class Suspension for Wednesday (15 August 2018) Pampanga Campus- No classes in all levels. Offices will be open.

Grade 11 National Achievement Test on October 10,2017
October 03,2017

Announcement for All Campuses

To all Grade 11 students enrolled for SY 2017-18 in all OLFU campuses including Cabanatuan:
The nationwide National Achievement Test (NAT) DepEd Exam is scheduled on October 10, 2017, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Please be reminded of the following---

On the day of the exam, each student is required to:

• Arrive at 6:30 a.m. (Room assignments will be announced by the class advisers no later than October 5);

• Wear complete OLFU uniform and ID card;

• Bring two (2) pcs. pencil Mongol No. 2, one (1) pc. sharpener, one (1) pc. Eraser, and at least two (2) pcs. yellow paper for computation, and

• Bring your own snacks and lunch.

You MUST be able to write on the NAT exam answer sheet your CORRECT Grade 10 SCHOOL ID number (6-digit number). If you are not aware of your Grade 10 school ID, you may visit this link and write your I.D. #  down on a sheet of paper:


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