College of Medicine alumnus Dr. Joselito Javier on Reaching the Stars

College of Medicine alumnus Dr. Joselito Javier on Reaching the Stars

College of Medicine alumnus Dr. Joselito Javier on Reaching the Stars

 “I don’t live by the day; I usually look forward into the future”, said Dr. Joselito Javier one bright day in October. An Internist, and a Medical Affairs Manager at a multinational pharmaceutical company, he met with alma mater Our Lady of Fatima University (OLFU) to share his story and spark inspiration.

Dr. Javier, or fondly called Dr. Jay, earned his Doctor of Medicine degree from the OLFU College of Medicine, Summa Cum Laude, in 2001. A true Achiever, he then placed 1st in the nationwide August 2003 Physician Licensure Exam and joined the ever-growing list of Fatimanian topnotchers.

When asked about this remarkable feat, Dr. Jay recalled the happiness he felt. “I was really so elated knowing that all these hardships converted to success, and I felt that I gave honor already to the school that really gave me so much – scholarship, books, even the learnings, the wisdom, and the knowledge of becoming a very good doctor. But after that, I thought to myself that this is just the first step; I still have more steps to make of becoming a good doctor,” he shared.

One of that factors that contributed to his success is his winning mindset. He always thinks ahead in anticipation for a better future, and this had been evident even in his student days. He read his books and notes in advance, and did his best to fully understand the lessons in class. To do well in the major exams, Dr. Javier said that he maximized every learning opportunity that came his way, and that was one surefire study habit he could share.

“You don’t really have to belong to a well-off family for you to be successful in the future. We just have to not live by the moment but prepare your future by doing what is best now, and that best would definitely ripple and multiply the impact on your future, on my future.”

After studying for five years at the College of Medicine, he also became an instructor at the institution from 2002 to 2006. However, Dr. Jay’s loyalty to Fatima goes beyond. Until now, this Fellow of the Philippine College of Physicians still holds the Fatimanian values dear, and manifests them in his duties as a doctor. “The most important thing I learned during my College of Medicine years is that it’s not enough for us to dream having this or that future, but to become a functional member of society that has compassion for people,” he said. Certainly a man of Truth and Compassion, he aspires to serve patients in far-flung areas together with his wife, who is also a doctor, later in life.

As advice to the youth, Dr. Javier has a certain Latin phrase in mind: “Per aspera ad astra”, which translates to “Through difficulties to the stars.” “…there are a lot of difficulties that lie ahead, but always have hope and always look into the future, what you can do now so that you will reach the stars, but don’t ever reach the stars without this heart for Truth, and this heart with Compassion. As the Fatima motto says, ‘Veritas et Misericordia,’” the alumnus shared.