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Parents get acquainted with All Things OLFU
June 15,2017


by Dr. Ana Liza P. Ocampo


Before the new school year of 2017-2018 even opened in June 2017, Our Lady of Fatima University (OLFU) through its Center for Guidance Services (CGS) had begun welcoming the parents of Grade 11 Senior High School (SHS) via series of Orientation Programs held simultaneously at all OLFU campuses. Thousands of parents flocked to school to see what their children have in store for the current academic year.


As early as May 2017, mothers, dads and guardians of new SHS pupils gamely joined the programs intended to ease them into University life. Considered as the focal point of the session, the academic highlights of OLFU demonstrated to parents the distinctions of OLFU; making them realize that they have made the best choice in OLFU for their children’s academic pursuits.


The program orients parents on the school’s beginnings, its growth and achievements, the expanse of facilities, as well as the key offices, facilities and people relevant to the students. Through this exercise, parents become better equipped in guiding their children as they establish a peaceful, invigorating and enjoyable experience at OLFU.



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