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March 30,2017



Songbuk Elementary School officials represented by Kim Myung Jik, Principal and Han Jong Sic, Manager for School Affairs officially signed a memorandum of understanding with Our Lady of Fatima University (OLFU) who was represented, in turn, by Don August O. Santos, Executive Vice President and Chief Finance Officer. The partnership is a breakthrough for OLFU because this is the first alliance concerning its Basic Education Department (BED) which means that opportunities for student exchange are now open to grade school and high school students.

Through the coordination of OLFU’s Center for Professional Development and Academic Partnership (CPDAP), the College of Education can now send and receive exchange students to Songbuk Elementary School for observation visits and practicum. Being soon-to-be teachers, students from both schools can learn from the teaching styles and systems of the host-country. Likewise, young learners in elementary and secondary levels can benefit from experiencing and adapting to a new learning environment and a new culture.


Prior to the the MOA sign-off, there was a healthy exchange between Songbuk and OLFU. College of Education Dean Elmer Hidalgo, together with BED Principals Virginia Cheng (Valenzuela Campus) and Nora Castada (Quezon City Campus), gave elaborate introductions of their respective areas. There was a very lively “back-and-forth” of questions and answers between the Philippine and Korean contingents, unaffected by the language barrier because OLFU’s Korean Coordinator Tae Jong Lee served as the translator for both parties.

One key element uncovered during the conversation, is of the conflicting school seasons between both schools, which is actually an advantage because it makes it easier for students to attend school in the partner-country because it would then be vacation season in the home country.




Led by OLFU Executive Vice President Don August Santos, the College of Education and Songbuk Elementary School reach into an agreement to forge a partnership for cultural development, academic exchange and friendly cooperation.

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