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OLFU offers Basic Education (pre-school, grade school, and junior high school), Senior High School, Certificate-Diploma Programs, Baccalaureate Degree Programs, Medicine, Dental Medicine, and Graduate School programs.

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Learning modalities for SOST will be a combination of synchronous and asynchronous learning which may happen online or offline.

Centerpiece to this would be OLFU’s Learning Management System (LMS) known as Canvas. Course modules will be housed here, as well as quizzes, exams and other assessment tasks.

“Synchronous” means when learning is done together as a class within an appointed duration of time. This can mean online live lectures by teachers; watching video lectures together; holding class discussions; taking quizzes/exams, and more.

“Asynchronous” is mainly about self-directed learning where studies are carried out at one’s own pace, but still with the goal of completing the work within a deadline set by the teacher. This could mean doing research, readings, writings, group project meetings, accessing course modules on Canvas, completing specified assessment taks, and more.

Whether synchronous or asynchronous, all SOST learning will play out while students stay within the safety of their homes. Its mix will vary from course-to-course, teacher-to-teacher. To sum it up, the learning modalities of SOST will be convenient, accessible and self paced.


The teaching modalities will be a mix of online class lectures & discussions, on-campus interface, and/or self-directed learning through research & writings, readings, and performance tasks. Online learning will initially be implemented which will slowly transition to flexible learning (combined online and face-to-face) once the COVID crisis improves.

The modalities to be used will depend on the call of the times. But whatever that may be, OLFU will strictly follow the DOH/ WHO health parameters, and will navigate its learners through the waters— fluidly and safely.

Refer to the following links for the complete guide on how to Apply and Enrol Online!

Enrollment Procedure for the Basic Education Department:

Enrollment Procedure for Incoming Senior High School, College and Graduate School Students :

Enrollment Procedure for Incoming Medicine Students (local students) :

Basic Education Department

For Valenzuela Campus (covers 1 whole SY)

Starts at Php37K including miscellaneous fees.

For Quezon City Campus (covers 1 whole SY)

Starts at Php40-45k including miscellaneous fees.

For Pampanga Campus (covers 1 whole SY)

Starts at Php30-32k including miscellaneous fees.

Senior High School (subject to change without prior notice)

For Valenzuela Campus

SHS Regular- P22,500

SHS Plus- Php 37, 500

For Quezon City Campus

SHS Regular- P22,500

SHS Plus- Php 37, 000

For Antipolo, Pampanga and Nueva Ecija Campuses

SHS Regular- P17,500

SHS Plus- Php 32, 500

*Voucher not yet applied 

College and Transferees- Tuition fees start at Php 22K per semester.

College of Medicine- Tuition fees start at Php 110k per semester.

Graduate School- Tuition fees cost Php1,912 per unit.

Here are the available scholarship programs offered and honored by the University :

A. Free Scholarship Exam for all SHS graduates – Optional; regardless of SHS grades; qualified students will receive a 5% to 100% discount.

B. Alumni Discount – Php2,000 discount for all OLFU graduates.

C. OLFU Freshmen’s Scholarships based on GWA -10% to 100% tuition coverage for GWA of 88% and up. First come, first served.

D. Foundation Scholarships – Full coverage of tuition and miscellaneous fees for qualified grantees.

E. Government/ Non-Government/ Corporate Scholarships – Courtesy of CHEd, DOST, PNP, City Government, BFP children and more.

F. Athletic Sports Program – Qualify for the Fatima Phoenix teams and enjoy a host of benefits.

G. Discount for BS Criminology Students- 15% discount for the 1st semester of freshmen BS Criminology students whose parents work for PNP, BFP, and BJMP.

H. Continuing Academic Scholarship (Dean’s Lister) – Qualified candidates may receive full or partial coverage.

I. Sibling Discounts – To avail of discounts, siblings must be enrolled for the same semester : 10% discount (2nd sibling); 15% discount (3rd sibling); 20% discount (4th sibling); FREE tuition (5th sibling).

Scholarships have limited slots, and some are at a first-come, first-served basis to qualified candidates. Some scholarship programs will vary from campus to campus. For more details on available scholarships, contact the Admissions Team of your desired campus.

Click here for the contact details :

Fully-paid students, and those who will settle their pending balance for SY 2019-2020 upon enrolment to SOST will have a Php1,000 tuition fee credit which can cover the down payment for SOST; hence, there will be no initial cash-out to enrol.

Students who do not enrol to SOST and are fully-paid students from the previous semester can likewise enjoy the Php1,000 tuition fee credit and apply it towards enrolment to the 1st Semester for SY 2020-2021.

For Alumni Discount, a discount worth P2,000.00 (one-time deduction) is given to our Alumni.

Tertiary Education Subsidy (TES)

OLFU is one of the select partner institutions of the Commission on Higher Education Unified Student Financial Assistance System for Tertiary Education (UniFAST) in implementing the Tertiary Education Subsidy (TES), a provision of Republic Act 10931, also known as the Universal Access to Quality Tertiary Education Act.

School fees can now be paid online! It’s more convenient and safer. Refer to this link for the complete guide on OLFU’s Payment Methods:

Online and On-site Learning Resources

• OLFU’s Learning Management System (LMS) known as Canvas will be used to implement Online Learning. Course modules will be housed here, as well as quizzes, exams and other assessment tasks.

• The University subscribes to ScienceDirect and other online resources. Further, the Learning Resource Center has online services that help source out online references that can help learners in their studies.

• The University endeavors to expose its learners to education at par with the world’s best. Thus, it has partnered with a globally-renowned knowledge provider of online laboratory modules.


The Center for Guidance Services will continue to cater to the psychological, emotional and spiritual needs of OLFU students through its online services such as consultations, counseling, orientations, information services, focus group discussion, chat programs, career placement, and more. Now that the quarantine has forced people to stay apart in order to stay safe, the need to bridge that divide has become keener. Specially that everything is online now, there is a greater mandate to reach out to those who are in need of guidance and let them know that they have a warm hand to hold.