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4 Year Programs

4-Year Program Offerings

College of Business Administration

B.S. in Business Administration Major In Marketing Management
B.S. in Business Administration Major In Business Management
B.S. in Business Administration Major In Banking and Finance
B.S. in Accountancy
B.S. in Accounting Technology

College of Arts and Sciences

B.S. In Biology
B.S. In Psychology
B.S. In Zoology

College of Computer Science

B.S. In Computer Science
B.S. In Information Technology

College of Criminology

B.S. In Criminology

College of Education

Bachelor In Elementary Education Major In Early Education
Bachelor In Secondary Education Major In English

College of Hospitality and Institutional Management

B.S. In Hotel & Restaurant Management
B.S. In Travel Management

College of Nursing

B.S. In Nursing

College of Physical Therapy

B.S. In Physical Therapy
B.S. In Respiratory Therapy

College of Pharmacy

B.S. In Pharmacy

College of Medical Technology

B.S. In Medical Laboratory Science

College of Maritime Studies and Technology

B.S. In Marine Transportation
B.S. In Marine Engineering