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College of Medicine

Program Offerings:

4 Year Doctor of Medicine (MD)

Local Applicants
1. Applicant must be a BS Degree Holder
2. Original College Transcript of Records
3. Certified true copy of COllege Diploma (Present Original for Verification)
4. National Medical Admission Test (NMAT)
5. Photocopy of Birth Certificate (Present Original for Verification)
6. Letter of Recommendation (Only 1 letter is needed - preferably from a school official where you graduated. There is no official format - your previous school should have their own)
7. 2x2" ID pictures (2 copies)
8. Big Kraft Envelope (1 piece)

Foreign Applicants
1. Applicant must be a BS Degree Holder
2. Authenticated Transcript of records
3. Authenticated College Diploma (BS Course)
4. Authenticated Letter of Financial Support
5. Authenticated Police Clearance form from Country of Origin
6. Authenticated Bank Statement
7. Photocopy of Passport
8. Personal History Sheets from the Philippine Embassy (8 copies)
9. Letters of Recommendation
10. 2x2" ID pictures (2 copies)
11. Foreign Fee Donation