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Graduate School


The Graduate School provides advanced and research-based graduate programs leading to doctor's degrees in Education, Nursing, Business Administration and Public Administration and master's degree in Education and Teaching, Hospitality Management, Travel Management, Business Administration, Public Administration, Public Health Pharmacy, Hospital Administration, Physical Therapy, Anatomy, Physiology, and Medical Laboratory Science. All programs and courses are taught by highly qualified and experienced faculty not only in the academe, but in professional practice as well. Faculty and students research papers have been accepted for presentation in national and international conferences.


ISO 9001-2008 Certified
Re-Accredited Level III Status (ACSCU-AAI) as certified by the Federation of Accrediting of the Philippines (FAAP)


University Mobility for Asia and the Pasific
Council of Management Educators of the Philippines
Association of Universities in Asia and the Pacific
Philippine Association of Graduate Education
Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities
Philippine Association of Private Schools Colleges and Universities
The Local Governance Training and Research Institutes- Philippine Network

International Affiliations

Alzahra University, I.R. of Iran
Australian Qualifications Institute(AQI), Australia
Christian University Thailand, Thailand
Daffodil International University, Bangladesh
Dong-Eui University, South Korea
Galilee International Management Institute, Israel
Guizhou Normal University, People's Republic  of China
Gumi University, People's Republic of China
Hanbat National University, South Korea
Ho Chi Minh University of Transport, Vietnam
Human Resources University, Cambodia
I-Shou University, Kaoshsiung, Taiwan
Open University Malaysia, Malaysia
Pingdingshan University, People's Republic of China
Shandong Xeihe University, People's Republic
Suseong College, South Korea
University of Brunei Darussalam
University of Medicine, Magway, Myanmar
Universitas Muhammdiyah, Indonesia
Universiti Malaysia Perlis, Malaysia
University of Suwon, South Korea
University of Tehran, I.R. of Iran
Woosong University, South Korea

National Affiliations

Eulogio Amang Rodriguez Medical Center
Caloocan City Health Department
Municipal Government of Marilao, Bulacan
East Avenue Medical Center
Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital
Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Valenzuela City Health Department
Holy Trinity University, Palawan
Siquijor State Colleges
Adventist University of the Philippines

Department of Business Administration, Public Administration, Hospitality and Management

Doctor of Business Administration
Doctor of Public Administration
Master in Business Administration (Thesis & Non-Thesi Tracks)
Master in Public Administration

Department of Nursing and Allied Health Programs

Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing (Nursing Administration)   (MAN Program Curricula)
Doctor of Public Health
Master of Arts in Nursing
    Nursing Administration
    Clinical Instruction
    Disaster and Emergency Management
Master in Public Health
Master of Science in Anatomy
Master of Science in Physiology
Master of Science in Medical Laboratory Science (Med Tech)

Department of Education and Teaching

Doctor of Philosophy in Education
          Educational Management
          Mathematics Education
Doctor of Education
        Educational Management
        Curriculum and Instruction
Master of Arts in Education
        Educational Management
        Guidance and Counseling
        Special Education
        Early Childhood Education
Master of Arts in Teaching
Master of Arts in College Teaching
Certificate in Professional Education

Department of Information Science and Technology

Master of Science in Computer Science
Master in Information Technology*