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The Office of the Student Affairs (OSA) in cooperation with the Physical Education Department of the Our Lady of Fatima University (OLFU) announces the launching of the OLFU Grand Sportsfest 2014.  This sports competition will be participated in by students from the four OLFU campuses, i.e., Valenzuela City, Quezon City, Antipolo City and Pampanga Campuses.  There will be six (6) sport events both for men and women that will be featured in this competition.  These are Basketball, Volleyball, Swimming, Table Tennis, Badminton and Dance Sports.
Each campus will have its own competition/elimination and will come up with the top 2 colleges which will then compete in the Inter-campus competition on September 29 to October 4, 2014. Thus, there will be eight teams per event who will vie for the OLFU Grand Sportsfest 2014 champion.
Aside from the abovementioned sports, there will also be a Palarong Lahi featuring some of the favorite Filipino street games such as patintero, sipa, Chinese garter and kadang-kadang.    
The try-out period to determine the members for each team will start on July 15 until August 9, 2014 to be conducted simultaneously in all campuses.  Interested students may coordinate with their respective colleges or OSA to know more details of this activity.
Watch out for more announcements and information regarding the OLFU Grand Sportsfest 2014.

You can download the following forms;

Game Rules
1. Table Tennis
Dance Sport
Palarong Lahi

Official Line-Up Forms
1. Basketball